SOAR Mini Retreat (2 Days)

Taking time to uncover your greatest gifts, talents and passions to live a more purposeful life does not have to mean going away for months or years on a sabbatical to reflect. It simply requires a pause from your everyday routines, a safe space to process, and a nurturing community of people who are also on a similar path of awakening to their true selves and ready to articulate their mission to the world.

We will work on exercises to help you seeownarticulate and release your unique message and mission to your intended audience. Uncover your unique gifts and talents to align them with your passions and purpose.

Let’s SOAR together.

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“After a retreat session with Mali, my associates and I gained insight and clear vision on our goals and projects. She is very in-tuned to the needs of her clients and has a clear understanding and empathy for people’s core values. She helped us develop our strengths and provided us with great insight which helped us further develop our vision and mission statement. She really helped us build a strong foundation for the company.” - Founders of Studio Bellwether

“Attending Mali’s SOAR retreat deeply impacted me in ways I did not anticipate signing up for it! Phenomenal experience! Despite my initial apprehension to participate, also going through a career transition, Mali promptly and personally addressed my initial concern of confidentiality. During the retreat, she clearly demonstrated that she is following her passion. It was filled with an amazing volume of genuine care and love directed to helping open-minded, intellectual people uncover and tap into their life’s passion/mission. She selflessly poured all she had of experience and skills into each of us (SOAR participants) individually and equally, regardless of our personal challenges, skin color, ethnicity or religious affiliation. She masterfully orchestrated a diverse group of participants with a sensitive and reassuring retreat environment.  Our small group felt as though we were just over for a cup of coffee or tea and snacks, then to be on our way. But so much more took place, and so many lives were profoundly and deeply touched. I highly recommend Mali’s SOAR Mini-Retreat to anyone that is going through a career transition or just looking to fine tune their professional and/or personal life’s journey, like myself.” - Nizar Hatoum, Project Manager

“Attending the two-day retreat with Mali has opened up new avenues for me, realizing my gifts, talents and purpose for life. Mali not only is a wonderful person but an excellent coach, facilitator and mentor. She is very intuitive, really understanding and caring; you can feel the warmth just by talking with her for the first time. She is professional, organized and has high integrity. After attending the retreat I am ready to SOAR. I would highly recommend Mali for any individual or company looking for direction.” - Indira Edwards, Consultant, World Bank

“Mali’s SOAR retreat was a pivotal experience for me. I met Mali at the Tigerlily Foundation’s Empower Ball and she made a lasting impression on me at our introduction. As a young professional in DC I am always looking for role models and Mali has certainly become one of them. Her SOAR retreat empowered me and gave me the motivation to work harder in the direction of my dreams. If you have had the privilege of working with Mali you know why I rave about this experience to all of my friend and colleagues and if you haven’t experienced her retreat yet I strongly urge you to do so!” - Maegen Gonska, Account Executive

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