Mali Phonpadith Featured on The DC Ladies Blog Site

Mali Phonpadith was recently featured as one of “the most fabulous women from the most powerful city”. Check out the feature article written by blogger Maegen Gonska from The DC Ladies blog site. “When I attended the Tigerlily Foundation’s EMPOWER Ball in October I had the pleasure of meeting Mali Creative’s Mali Phonpadith. She made an immediate impression on me when we were introduced and the next day I googled her organization. A volunteer at heart,  I would gladly give up what little free time I have from my day job to inspire people, and that is what Mali does, she helps people SOAR. I immediately contacted Mali and expressed my desire to volunteer and learn more about the work she does. She was very excited that I expressed interest and signed me up for the SOAR retreat right away. I walked in early on a Saturday morning and expected to maybe be stuffing some envelopes but was embraced by Mali right away and ushered to a chair to take part in the retreat. What happened in the next eight hours was nothing short of powerful. What the SOAR retreat is all about is connecting people with their passions, personal mapping, inspiration and finding true happiness. At each retreat  Mali connects individuals with their purpose in life. Aside from that you become acquainted with the remarkable individuals that take part in the retreat with you. I walked away ready to take on the world, with a renewed sense of hope and determination which has lasted me months after attending. Mali is an incredible woman that has impacted countless lives. Aside from the SOAR retreat she also hosts Tea with Mali a podcast that introduces people who have lead positive lives to people all over. As a young women myself Mali Creative demonstrates what it means to help people and I encourage you all to pop over to her site. Take a look at her publications, sign up for the SOAR retreat, watch Tea with Mali and be inspired to go out there and make a change. We women are lucky to have her to look to, she is taking the lead!” Maegen Gonska