Bev Nerenberg
Certified EFT Practitioner

“Tap your way to a fabulous day!”

Bev Nerenberg was a Senior Vice President of Operations for a regional multi-million dollar, Inc. 500 (#144) computer distribution company and then a Director of Operations for a chain of Montessori schools.  She is an experienced business leader, familiar with most of the inherent challenges and solutions.

Everything shifted for her in 2008. That is when she discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques from a DVD called Try It On Everything (now The Tapping Solution). It changed the direction of her life. From her first experience with EFT – disappearing her lifelong acrophobia (fear of heights), to the relief she got from anger, jealousy, physical pains and worry, she knew she wanted to share this modality with as many people as she could.

Bev then devoted herself to learning all she could about Emotional Freedom Techniques by reading, taking courses, practicing, practicing, practicing and continuing on to become Certified as an EFT Practitioner and started Wellness At Your Fingertips.

Bev does this work because of her love of teaching and empowering people with this life-altering tool. She is able to help them overcome stress, pain and illness and have the opportunity to become healthier, happier, more successful, and in general, live their best life possible.

SCN Interview: Bev Nerenberg

Mali: What visions did you have for life when you were a child?

Bev: I remember always wanting to feel good and have fun.

Mali: What is your personal philosophy on life now?

Bev: Personal philosophy is that nothing is more important than feeling good which keeps your energy vibration up and has the law of attraction work for you.

Mali: What career path have you chosen or what services or products do you offer to your clients or consumers?

Bev: I am privileged to be a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) practitioner, trainer and coach and I teach people how to substantially reduce and/or eliminate any negative emotional, physical or physiological issue, easily, quickly, and effectively.

Mali: What motivates you to get up every day and do your work in the world? (Your WHY)

Bev: Can’t think of anything I’d rather do than teach, empower and inspire people to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Mali: How do you find your peace and happy place to continue “SOARing” when faced with challenges?

Bev: I always find peace and my happy place by using Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Everyday, I am my own best client by “tapping” away my upsets.

Mali: What are some words of wisdom you would like to share with our S.O.A.R. community?

Bev: After doing decades of courses and therapies, the best advice I ever got was to do what worked to feel good.  And, by being mindful of that, I’ve watched miracles come into my life.