Robin Finnell
Image Consultant & Wardrobe Stylist
Representing “The Doncaster Collection”

Robin has worked with countless women almost 20 years helping them to refine their wardrobes and enhance their professional and casual appearance.  With a background in retail and a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Robin combines an objective and stylish eye with a practical touch so her clients’ wardrobes continue to perform spectacularly for years to come.

She shares her expertise with her consultation clients and for many years has assisted  women in need at Suited For Change in Washington, DC. ” I feel like there is a tag identifying my clients as ‘Dressed by Robin Finnell’ and I want to insure that she feels confident in what I have helped create for her no matter whether she is walking into a boardroom, mingling at a gathering or looking to return to the workforce after unfortunate circumstances.”

Robin’s styling services are available by appointment for a personal consultation. Her showroom is conveniently located on Leesburg Pike near Tyson’s Corner right inside the beltway where you can see beautiful clothing by Doncaster designer Patricia Clyne.

The Doncaster Collection is available in Missy, Petite and Women’s sizes.

SCN Interview:

Mali: What visions did you have for life when you were a child?
Robin: I wanted to be a doctor. Was sidetracked by an interest in fashion and less than stellar grades my first year in college.

Mali: What is your personal philosophy on life now?
Robin: You have to make the best with what you have. Everyone has obstacles to overcome and I gain great satisfaction if I can help someone in someway.

Mali: What career path have you chosen or what services or products do you offer to your clients or consumers?
Robin: I am a wardrobe stylist with the Doncaster Collection, designer women’s clothing constructed of fine European and Asian fabrics in contemporary and classic styles.

Mali: What motivates you to get up every day and do your work in the world? (Your WHY)
Robin: My greatest satisfaction is watching the smiles on my clients’ faces when they try on clothing that is flattering to their skin tone, hair color, body type and personal style. Then I have gained the trust from my clients and built the relationship for future business.

Mali: How do you find your peace and happy place to continue SOARing when faced with challenges?
Robin: I fall back on my network of friends and husband. Each offer differing perspectives and wise counsel and make my decisions to move forward.

Mali: What are some words of wisdom you would like to share with our S.O.A.R. community?
Robin: Know what your area of expertise and passion are. Follow that path and use other professionals to fill in the missing gaps.