A Belief Team Partner with the OWN Network & Values Partnership

The SOAR Community Network is honored to partner with the OWN Network and Values Partnership as a select member of their Belief Team.

BELIEF premieres on October 18th – 24th on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. This groundbreaking television event is a 7-night series featuring a collection of deeply personal and culturally diverse stories about the unique spiritual journeys of people around the world as they work to seek lives of meaning and purpose greater than themselves.

Oprah has described this series as the very reason she founded a television network – to be able to share stories that connect people together with the intention to lift people up, to take them higher than they ever thought possible.

The Belief Team is a community of select individuals from diverse spiritual, cultural and faith backgrounds who will explore, build relationships and foster dialogue throughout their communities around three guiding questions:

  • What do we believe and how does that belief system bring us closer to our life purpose?
  • What do others believe and how can we learn more about those beliefs and our common humanity?
  • How can we connect more closely to other communities of faith and belief to impact the world for the greater good?

As a member of The Belief Team, we are being asked to create experiences and host events that will help to spread messages of compassion, hope and understanding within our community and our world. Over the coming months, the SOAR Community Network will be hosting two events (one online and the other live) to amplify these conversations leading up to and beyond the series premiere in October.

The SOAR Community Network’s mission has always been to help people S.O.A.R. through sharing messages from the heart; messages that transform organizations, communities and individual lives. We’re thrilled to support the OWN Network’s initiative and delighted we were chosen to help create a stronger global community.

Our event page will be launching next week to update you on all the details regarding upcoming events in association with the BELIEF initiative. To learn how you can support and participate, contact us at info@soarcommunitynetwork.com.
SOAR Community Network is A Belief Team Partner with the OWN Network & Values Partnership.

SOAR Community Network is A Belief Team Partner with the OWN Network & Values Partnership.