Tea with Mali: Sharing Everyday People with Remarkable Stories.

How We Started

Five years ago, she founded the SOAR Community Network to help entrepreneurs and creative visionaries uncover their hidden gifts through personal coaching and business consultation. After going through her coaching programs , workshops and retreats, clients were ready to SOAR… but it was difficult to find opportunities and media platforms willing to help get their message out into the world.

And so… Tea with Mali was born.

With just one video camera and a couple of talented friends, Mali created her own platform. She began by inviting clients and inspiring friends to share their passions and stories.

Where We Are Now

Over seventy guest interviews later, Tea with Mali, now airs through cable television, reaching more than 2 million households throughout the Washington D.C. area. In October of 2015, 10.5 million potential viewers throughout New York City will also have access. Our content highlights exceptional people, features inspiring stories and gives a spotlight to community advocates who are making an impact in their fields and beyond.

Our audience reach is broad. From baby boomers to young professionals, our mission is to inspire viewers to uncover their passions and live a vibrant life that benefits others. Anyone going through a transitional phase, whether it be career or personal, can benefit from Mali and her guests’ honest insights and actionable advice. Our goal now is to extend our reach to uplift people all over the world.

We have been blessed with dedicated volunteers contributing their time and services over the years. We all love what we do, and we want to keep inspiring others, but in or to finance our team and cover the costs of production, we need funding.

Why This Matters

Life has challenges. After escaping from her war-torn country of Laos, overcoming poverty and racism in her new home and experiencing the losses of countless loved ones, Mali has a deep and true understanding of grief and how to overcome life’s most painful challenges. In a world steeped in negative media, Tea with Mali seeks to provide a spark of inspiration and hope.

By telling the deeply personal stories behind the business owners and community leaders on our show, we provide insight not only on entrepreneurship, but independence and self-determination. With real insights and tangible guidance, we help people to take control of their own lives.

Tea with Mali is about much more than sharing business advice. We’re a reminder to those struggling through change or seeking direction that they are capable, they are worthy and they can excel.

That’s what we’re seeking to fund through this campaign!

We want to inspire, motivate and encourage future leaders to share their gifts, talents and life experiences with others. We want them to know that their stories, visions and aspirations matter and that they too can change the world, starting with their local communities.

Our interviews are intended to share real stories, real hope and real possibilities for everyone, regardless of economic status, race, culture or religious views. We share positive role models and change makers with our audience; true visionaries who are making our world better.

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