Dads Jonny Biggins (left), Steve Hanson (middle) and Jason Bramley are Founders of The Book of Everyone.
Jonny Biggins, CEO of The Book of Everyone was on our CE Buzz Podcast recently.

The Book of Everyone is a glorious celebration of any individual from 1-101 years old; beautifully personalized and perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because they’re special and deserve it. It’s fast to make and free to preview.
Each book is filled with amazing personalized facts, wonderful statistics and all told through a nostalgic glance back to the world the person was born into. You can personalize further with your own touches such as photos and comments.
3 Pregnant Dads
3 Pregnant Dads
“What started as a meeting about improving The Book of Moms, a personalised book that celebrates anyones and everyones mom, became something very different. Somewhere in the meeting the name Anna Jarvis came up as the women that trademarked the name ‘Mother’s day’, who intended Mother’s day as a yearly event to honour Mom.
How could the 3 men (all in their mid 40’s) honour their moms and the memory of Anna Jarvis at the same time, in a way that will be tough, and meaningful? What if we became pregnant? Or as near as possible. A thought became an idea which turned into an dare, and now there’s no going back.”