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“From Broken Heart to a Happy Life” By Yansy Cordon

I was born in Honduras and the most beautiful memories of my childhood are with my Mom. She was a very sweet, caring and loving mother. Whenever my two brothers and I had a special program at school she was the first one who sat in the front row to see our acts. When we got sick she was the one who spent all night awake trying to make us feel better.

When I was 11 years old and my brothers were fourteen and eight years old, She got sick from breast cancer and my Dad took her to Mexico and Cuba looking for a cure. After surgery and chemotherapy everyone thought she was cured, but a year later she felt bad and went to the doctor to realize that the cancer had resurfaced but this time not only in her breasts, but throughout her body .

The doctor told her that this time it was too late to do anything and that she would die soon.

My mother’s love for us was bigger than anything in the world and she never wanted to see us suffer, so for this reason she did not tell my father or anyone else about it.

On Christmas morning of 1992, my dad found her dead in bed and I felt the greatest pain in the world. It was the kind of pain I never experienced before, but at the same time I felt grateful to have the most loving mom.

I promised myself that one day if I had a daughter I would give her my mom’s name in her honor.

After her death things changed fast at home. My two brothers fought all the time with me and made my life difficult to live and my dad became bitter and overprotective. He would not allow me to have friends that were boys. I never understood why he scolded me and made me feel bad every time a school friend came to say hi or why he needed to intimidated them.

I felt that my life was very unfair. I felt unloved and alone… I wanted to die.

But every time that I wrote my will and prayed to God, He whispered to me: “This is not worth it, because in the future something greater will be waiting for you”. My heart hurt a lot but my faith in God was very big and I knew I could trust him.

Like every teenage girl I started to date to try to find what love and happiness are supposed to feel, like in the fairy tales, but all that I found was the bitter taste of betrayals, false promises and disappointments.

By the age of seventeen my heart could not resist more pain and all the experiences I had in my past relationship didn’t make sense to what I believed love should be. So one night I made a wish, prayed to God and I promised myself to never ever date again until I found the love of my life.

For almost two years I learned to improve my life and to love myself. I refused to go out with guys, because in some way I knew that in my heart I would feel something so special, a spark, that magic, that would let me know that I had found the one and so far none of these guys that I had met had made me feel that special way until the day I met my husband Johnny.

I was at the mall, when suddenly, I saw this guy sitting in the ice cream shop and I felt like Cupid had just shot me one of his arrows and my heart started to beat a lot faster and the funny thing was that I felt so much happiness that my brain couldn’t understand what was going on with me, but my heart knew that my spirit had recognized my soul mate.

So I went inside that ice cream shop to meet him.

Johnny described that when he heard my voice saying “Hi”, it was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard in his life and that his heart started beating super fast. He also said that he felt so much happiness, the kind of happiness someone feels when they have been looking for something important their entire lives and they finally found it.

After we met, we had to overcome many challenges that had nothing to do with our love, but our faith in God and our love for each other helped us make our dream of being together forever come true. Now we have more than fifteen years of being in love and our love still feels the same, as magical, beautiful and so powerful and wonderful as that first day that we met.

I feel so blessed because God not only gave me the gift of finding Johnny, he also gave my the gift of being the mom of a wonderful daughter named, Leydi, like my mom.

Life is amazing when you are in love! True love is real and when you truly believe and trust God, you learn to follow your heart. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream. My life is even more wonderful than what I could imagine.

I feel so much love and so much happiness that I wish for you to feel the same way in your life too.
I encourage you to Believe and to trust God so you can find a way to make your dreams come true.

So much love from my heart to yours.
Yansy Cordon