Being Genuine with Yourself

Written by SCN Blog Contributor, Brian Kelly

This distinction of “passion for vs capable of” is very important as we consider our choices and the possibilities for our life and careers. I liken it to another favorite distinction: “committed to vs interested in”.

The story is in the struggle…and the triumph. As I listened to my fellow panelists at the IAG Conference share their stories, I was inspired by their passion, humility, and conviction. There was courage and clarity of purpose earned from years of struggle, “mistakes”, “failure”, learning, growth, and belief in oneself. While “interested in” may have informed their passion, conviction drove their choices and their actions. They had developed a belief in their ability to figure it out along the way on their journeys. Each demonstrated confident vulnerability in honoring their authentic self. They pursued and found congruence with who they were and how they wanted to contribute to the world.

Success is a state of fulfillment achieved from living your passion, from actualizing your truth. Do you wake up each morning so excited because you cannot wait to get to work and contribute through your strengths? If not, what if you did? What would that look like? What would be different in your life?

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

I invite you to share your thoughts on “Being Genuine with Yourself and to Your Career” to further the conversation. What is your story? How did you find fulfillment in your work and your life? How might you?

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Brian is President of Brian Kelly Leadership Coaching, a professional coaching and people development services company. We use a strengths-focused approach to deepening your awareness and understanding of your unique voice and talents so you can more effectively use them to improve your performance, relationships, collaboration, and energy. Brian’s approach is driven by the statement, “Be Bold. Be You. Breakthrough.” As he walks side-by-side with clients on their learning and growth journey, Brian reconnects individuals with their core values and inner wisdom through the lens of strengths, so they can see and boldly pursue new possibilities for their career and their life.

Brian is a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach and holds a professional coaching certification from Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching Program. With over 25 years experience, his professional career includes work in Talent Development, Information Technology, Program Management, and Volunteer Leadership. Brian currently serves with culturally-based leadership and professional development nonprofit organizations in the Asian and Latino communities. He is committed to building a pipeline of diverse leaders so that senior organizational leadership better reflects both the demographics of the communities in which they operate, and the customers whom they serve. Brian invites you to connect with him via his website at, or by email at

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