To Be Inspired is to Be Alive by SCN Blog Contributor, Jim Phillips.

One of the greatest gifts we have to offer one another, and therefore the world, is to live in full expression of who we truly are. When we live in full expression we not only give our Self permission to live boldly, confidently and joyfully through that which makes us come alive, but we give others permission and the confidence to come alive as well.

Being alive in this world means that we are honoring and respecting the Soul based inspirations we are given. We acknowledge the passion and desire that has built up within us that yearns to be expressed. We allow the expression and experience of our inspirations to see and feel the freedom of being released in to the world while liberating us from the limiting beliefs we have held to this moment that prevented our full expression.

Be responsible to your inspirations.

So why is it that we withhold such a magnificent experience from and of our Self? Why would we deny (Self denial) the world the full experience of who we truly are?

A primary reason is we don’t trust the inspiration we have been given. We think it is just a passing fancy that feels good when we are first inspired but by lunch time we convince ourselves that that which we were earlier inspired to create and experience is not worthwhile or is unachievable.

The truth is, we would not be inspired to do something
if it were not intended to be.

An inspiration is not some cruel joke played on us by an unkind Universe that would have us frustrated or suffer. An inspiration is a desire of the Soul that allows the Universe to be in full expression of its Self through us. And yet, it is only we who can grant permission for this full expression.

Too often we become too comfortable in our discomfort to move towards that which would give us the greatest comfort of all. We become convinced that life as we are living it is life as it was intended to be, at least for our Self. Others deserve more of the goodness of life, but me, I am not worthy of more.

We accept life as it is instead of how it can be.

We might think there is too much risk involved to move out of the comfort of our discomfort towards something as ethereal as an inspiration. However, the greatest risk is in not taking the joyous leap of faith into that which our Soul desires.

The greatest risk is in not taking the joyous leap of faith
into that which our Soul desires.

You see, if you are inspired to do something then it is intended to be. And when something is intended to be, all for it to be will be provided, guaranteed.

Inspiration means to “breathe life into.” Fully engage in life by breathing life into the inspirations you are given.

Be bold and courageous by answering the call of your Soul, for when you do you give notice to the Universe that you are all in. And when the Universe knows you are all in it responds accordingly by supporting you in the full expression and experience of that inspiration.

When you accept the invitation of an inspiration you become fully alive and engaged in the process of creating the greatest experience and expression of your Self possible, your very reason for being here.

When you breathe Life into that for which you have been inspired,
Life is breathed into you.

I for one am most fully alive when engaged in my passion, that for which I am inspired, and when I see others consciously and actively engaged in theirs.

L.I.F.E. is “living in full expression.” Live fully, completely and wholly in the full expression of who you truly are.

Jim Phillips is the author of The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression. Jim currently lives in Aldie, VA where he continues his writing, speaking and Spiritual Life Coaching.