Mali Phonpadith interviews Angelique Cooper McGlotten, Best-Selling Author of Living Backward: The Gift of Hindsight In Building A Truly Significant Life.

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“Each of us is on a path that is taking us somewhere. Moment-by-moment, day-by-day, we build our lives and shape our eternal future. What are you building with your life? Do you know where you’re headed? And do the things in which you’re investing time, energy, and money really matter? Life is fleeting. We get only one opportunity to make our mark. And we don’t have time on our hands. True progress is using our gifts and talents to fulfill our unique purpose and becoming all we were created to be—not simply checking off the boxes or leading a busy life. When we engage life with a reverse orientation of time elapsing, not accruing, we will make steady progress toward living purposefully as we wisely redeem the precious time we’ve been given.”

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