Who’s got your back?

By SCN Blog Contributor Julie Jakopic


It is actually a hard truth but it takes a village to launch and succeed at your business. I know, you think it’s cheaper to do it yourself. It seems easier to do it yourself – no one shares your vision. You can do (fill in blank) better than anyone you can hire.

So you get started and you are a one-person energizer bunny. You can create and deliver your products and services. You can do all the marketing and sales. You can clean the office, make the coffee and copies and fix the technology. You can keep the books, manage your schedule, create your newsletter and build your website. There’s nothing you can’t do or learn to do.

Because at the beginning, you have time. You don’t have customers.  Then you start to succeed. Now you are halfway to your revenue goals and working 80-hour weeks – 40 hours in your business and 40 hours on your business.  And since you were successful doing it all this far, you think you can do it all as you grow.  But then your family wants some attention. Or you get the flu. Or you make a big mistake at one of the jobs you gave yourself and that impacts the real work you want to do and your customers need you and there is only you to do everything.

I get it. I’ve been there. I bet most successful entrepreneurs have. But it doesn’t have to be like that.  When you spend your time doing the things you are best at and selling that part of your work, you succeed.  When you get caught up in all the other jobs, not so much.  When you decide you can’t make sales calls until you create a great system for tracking them, you are not selling your services. You are not doing what you are best at and you are not generating any revenue.

You need an entourage. People who have your back. The team that creates the space for you to focus on your brilliance. In my case, that’s help with planning marketing, managing a million details, designing, building websites and creating graphics and copy editing, and, and, and… Because they have these things taken care of, I get to create content, build the business and serve our clients.

There comes a time when success requires that we let go and invest in a team. Who is on your team? Who do you need to add? What are the things that take three times the energy and time as the others? Who can help you with them?