Mali Phonpadith interviews Cynthia de Lorenzi.

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Cynthia de Lorenzi is the founder of Success in the City and recently became the Chairman and Co-Founder of Enable Women

Cynthia is a TEDx Women and international motivational speaker, expert interviewer and moderator, co-author and social media expert and consultant, producer, artist, and futurist who likes to refer to herself as a serial entrepreneur and social commentator on the status of women in our world and their impact on our culture and economy today. . Cynthia’s passion for empowering others and the principle of paying-it-forward is a driving force for Enable Women.

After stepping away from her own personal artistic pursuits for a number of years she has returned to photography and painting with a fervor and passion to express her hunger for color and share those things that have filled and emboldened my life. Today she lives in Las Cruces, NM a mecca for artists. There she is combining her need to express her life through color and continues her dedication to helping women thrive around the world!

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