13 Powerful & Proven Tools to Unlocking More Joy In Your Life

By SCN Blog Contributor Maimah Karmo

This post was previously posted on The Huffington Post Blog

There are thousands of books written about how to be a success, how to become the next big thing and how to make money, but what creates real wealth is more than just having deep pockets. True wealth comes from having an inner joy that nothing can take away. The kind of joy that, even if you were to lose all your money and personal belongings, would be a solid foundation from which to rebuild. Many successful leaders have realized huge accomplishments, fallen on their faces, and had to pick themselves back up again. What keeps them going is living a life that has joy at the core of their being. I did some research and came up with thirteen powerful and proven tools to unlock more joy in your life.

  1. Know Thyself. This means understanding who you are, what your strengths are – and celebrating them! Also, know what your weaknesses are – aka, opportunities for growth, what your trigger points are, how to manage them, what your non-negotiables are and how to mitigate them. Knowing yourself gives you a sense of security in your own being and contentment in life.
  2. Express Gratitude. The most happy people are thankful for the now. While we all want to grow, do more and do better, implementing a practice of being thankful for what you have creates a space for more good to blossom. Gratitude is miraculous!
  3. Believe in Miracles. This means that you should believe in the unimaginable and expect miracles to occur. We forget that the very act of breathing is a miracle, of having our heart beat, that thousands of chemicals, body parts, proteins and signals are synchronously interacting for us to exist. When you start to see the miracles in simple things, it opens a path for bigger, more magical things to occur.
  4. Have Living Faith. Having faith is not enough. We must LIVE it every day. Life comes with challenges, but, when you exercise faith in self, in others and in your future, you’re telling life and the Universe that you believe that this is all working for your benefit, which creates a powerful energy – of peace, of understanding and of trust.
  5. Give What You’re Asking For. It’s easy to look at others and point out your disappointment in what they may not be doing. What’s hard is being what you seek in others, but if you begin a practice of being what you seek in the world, you’ll be reminded more and more everyday that you really are the center of the Universe… as a matter of fact we all are, and the more we each show up as what we’re looking for, the more joy we’ll create.
  6. See Challenges as Gifts. Perspective is everything. Every hiccup in life comes with the opportunity to learn and grow. People who recognize this tend to look for the golden nugget, not the mess, and in every challenging situation, there is a diamond waiting for you.
  7. Open Your Hands. One of the most powerful lessons I have learned and other successful people with tell you is that when you give, you get more. After my diagnosis with aggressive breast cancer, I watched my life fall apart. I was terrified that I would die. What I realized then was that I had been living my life largely through a lens of fear and with my hands closed. I needed to give more. While undergoing chemotherapy, I promised to live my life in service to others. God told me to give it all away – and I did. Through that process my life did a 180 degree turn and over the past 10 years, I have experienced amazing blessings. When you give – of who you are, which has nothing to do with money, amazing things can happen.
  8. Have No Regrets. You might wonder what this has to do with joy. The answer is – everything. When you say what you need to say and give all you’ve got to give, you can lay your head on the pillow at night, peacefully and with your smile on your face, knowing that whatever the next day brings, your conscience is clear and there is nothing that you regret doing or not doing. You would have done your best.
  9. Pursue What Brings you Joy. Don’t pursue money, pursue your bliss and the rest will come.
  10. Honor and Celebrate the Little Things. Don’t always wait for the big wins to happen. Give yourself a pat on the back often and congratulate yourself on small accomplishments. The little things add up to a whole lot of joy.
  11. Celebrate Others. Celebrate your friends – and strangers often. Enjoy helping and seeing others shine. As you elevate others and surround yourself with people who think you’re a rockstar too, you see these same positive qualities in yourself.
  12. Laugh Out Loud Often. Not only does your body create amazing chemicals that perk you up when you laugh, but it also shifts your perspective and energy on things. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I look in the mirror and force myself to smile…just looking at how crazy I look makes me laugh. Laughter is a powerful tool!
  13. Be Fearless. This doesn’t mean living with a lack of fear. It means jumping into your fear. You’ll find that when you “open the door”, you realize that what you feared was only a mirage. This allows you to step further into your joy.

Until next time, live bliss, pursue your passion and manifest magic! If you’d like to be a guest on my Pure Bliss podcast or get coaching on how to Manifest Your Magic, contact me here!

Much love, Bliss Boss, Maimah.