From Inspiration to Intention, living the life you desire.

By SCN Blog Contributor Jim Phillips
I take early morning walks that I call, being immersed in the silence of the dawn. This is a time for me of deep reflection and connection to the Divine. It is during these walks that I ask questions or ask for guidance on something for which I need clarity.

It was during a walk while writing, The Key to Life, that I began to question why I thought I had something to say that would be of interest to other people. Who am I to think that someone will pay hard earned money for my book? Why would someone buy my book out of all of the books currently available on the same or similar topics?

These questions were not about the relevancy of what I wanted to share or the potential impact on other people’s lives. I honestly believed and still do, that the message is relevant and important in today’s world. It was more about,” why me?”  Why was I inspired to deliver this message?

While walking, I asked out loud why I was having these thoughts. My mind was open, I was receptive to whatever guidance would find its way into my consciousness. And then I became aware of a phrase that was repeating itself in my head.

“You wouldn’t be inspired to do something if it wasn’t intended to be.”
                                                                                                       Jim Phillips

I remember thinking, wow, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t be inspired to do something if it wasn’t intended to be. This phrase became my mantra until I got home.

I then started thinking about the definition of inspiration. I always thought of inspiration as that inner encouragement, desire or nudge to act on something that wanted to be fully expressed or experienced. What I found is that the true meaning is much more.


“To inspire is to breathe life into, to be the animating force behind or within
that which desires to be expressed and ultimately experienced.”


Inspiration is the breathing of life into a desire of the Soul. It is a bringing to one’s awareness the deep, heartfelt longing for the object of the desire to be fully experienced and expressed.

While contemplating inspiration, another thought now found its way into my awareness. Be responsible to your inspirations.

What does it mean to be responsible to your inspirations? Quite simply it means to follow through on them, to honor and allow their full expression. An inspiration is your Soul communicating what it desires to experience in this lifetime.

I continued my writing with my mantra, “I wouldn’t be inspired to do something if it wasn’t meant to be”, keeping me on task. It worked well for a while, however I began running into periods of questioning. It wasn’t doubt about what I was writing so much as it was what am I going to do when I’m finished? I’ve never written and marketed a book. What if people don’t buy it and I have done all this work for nothing?

I went back to my morning walk asking for guidance on how I was to proceed. It was then I received, “if something is intended to be then all for it to be will be provided.”

“We would not be inspired to do something if it was not intended to be.
And if it is intended to be, all for it to be will be provided” ~Jim Phillips


What a powerful message. If I follow my inspiration all that is needed to give it life would be provided. And I found this to be true. I did bring my book into being as well as other things for which I have been inspired. However, I also realized there was an important aspect of this process that I wasn’t fully connecting with, my intention behind what I was inspired to do.

As I reflect on the time when The Key to Life was first released I realized my intention was more about getting it completed as soon as I could then it was to write a book that could change people’s lives.

I have no complaints; the book has done well and received great reviews. I was told how impactful the message was and how it brought relief to those who were struggling with their life’s purpose and why life unfolds as it does. But there was still something missing for me. Again, I engaged in the process of asking for guidance during my morning walk. What resulted was the inspiration to re-write the book keeping the wisdom and original message intact, however integrating new insights I had been given.

The intention this time was for the message of the book to be shared around the world to all who are open and receptive to receiving it. That inspiration and supportive intention will be realized with the release of this expanded edition of The Key to Life on April 4. (2017)


The Process

There are three activities that when consciously followed result in our inspirations coming to life.

1. Awareness. Awareness is and will always be the key to creating conscious change in our lives. We must be aware of what is going on around us and within us to know what we don’t want and more importantly what we do want. We must be aware of the opportunities that are always present so we can choose what will lead us towards the experiences we desire.

With inspirations, we need to be aware of and honor them as they are given. We must be aware when we deny them the expression they seek through us. We must be aware of the reasons behind the denial, get out of the way and allow the inspirations to be expressed.


2. Intentional yet allow: We often hear the term intention used in many ways, usually as the purpose behind what someone might do or say, or a desired outcome.

For our purpose, here I have created a definition that explains the process of intention.

Intention is the energetic impulse that when expressed begins and sustains the process of coalescing all that is necessary for that which is desired to become manifest.

We know that a thought is energy. The energetic impulse is the original thought that begins the process of focusing and defining what it is we desire as our outcome or experience. However, an intention doesn’t begin and end with the original thought. Intention is the sustained thought held throughout the process of bringing that which we desire into our lived reality.

Intention is conscious, focused awareness of what we desire. It is active awareness of the process and conscious engagement in the process. As we hold the thought (intention) all that is needed to bring the intention to fruition is provided. This is the coalescing, or bringing together, of all that is necessary for the inspiration and intention to be experienced.

It is important to note that an intention is only one possible outcome out of infinite potentialities. Therefore, it is important in setting an intention that we don’t limit our experience by setting an intention that is finite.

As an example, when I first wrote The Key to Life, my intention was to prove to myself that I could do it. It was a very limited and finite intention. Yes, I wanted the book to sell, however my underlying intention was to get the book done to prove that I could.

Another important point is that intentions are not always communicated consciously, as was the case in the original writing of my book.

The third activity in the process of bringing our inspiration into being is persistence.


3. Persistent: Be persistent in doing all that you can to bring your inspiration to life, including being persistent in your intention. Remember, intention is sustained thought throughout the process. We need to be persistent in allowing the force behind all creation the space needed to support us.

We must be persistent in our thoughts and belief that what we desire, what we have been inspired to do, is possible and that we can create it.

We must be persistent in our trust in the process and in our Self. We must know that what we have been inspired to do was intended and that because it was intended all for it to be is being provided.

Follow your inspirations. Honor your inspirations. They are a Soul, S -O- -U- L, purpose for being here at this place and time.



Jim Phillips is an author, speaker and certified L.I.F.E. and business coach. For the better part of 30 years he has been an entrepreneur and business leader inspiring others to higher levels of achievement through his presentations throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

His true passion however is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. One of Jim’s gifts is his ability to help others understand and apply complex spiritual concepts to their personal life.

Jim’s book, The Key to Life, is available for pre-order here. The book will be released on April 4.

Jim graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. He currently resides in Aldie, VA where he continues his writing, coaching and speaking.