How to Manifest Powerful Miracles Now and Go the Distance

By SCN Blog Contributor Maimah Karmo

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When I think of fortitude, kindness, and love, Bruce Van Horn comes to mind. After several challenges and tragedies – including two bankruptcies and the death of his daughter, he hit rock-bottom and was considering suicide. Today, Bruce is a best-selling author, speaker and life coach, who helps others globally, to create their dreams, manifest miracles and learn how to go the distance.

MK: Who is Bruce Van Horn?

BVH: I’m guy who discovered my purpose – “to love, serve, and add value to the lives of others.” My mission is “Using the love, insight, abilities, and life experiences God has given me, I reach, teach, and empower people to live intentionally as the fullest expression of who they were created to be.” When I live in alignment with these statements, I’m most fully alive! I’m also a Dad to two amazing young men; and I’m a writer, speaker, and coach to leaders and businesses.

MK: What led you to becoming an author, coach and speaker?

BVH: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I fell into the trap of pursuing money. After two bankruptcies and the death of my daughter, I was considering suicide. My brother suggested I begin running, so I started training for my first marathon. I discovered that I had ignored my calling – to write, speak, and inspire others.

MK: Why do you focus on “storytelling?”

BVH: Because thoughts become things. Our words become the story we tell ourselves and others. Our inner story impacts every action; and that story becomes our life. After many disappointments, I started telling myself a story that life was hard. When I started to change the story, my life changed. Your story is your brand. I told a story of pain and doubt and pessimism. That story became my brand. It became what people thought of me and expected from me. Most people and businesses fail because of their story. The words we speak transmit an energy that attracts the same kind of energy towards us. By helping people become aware of this process, I can help them change their lives.

MK: What inspired your wildly successful “Life is a Marathon” podcast series?

BVH: I believe the inspiration to start my podcast came from the Source of all inspiration – God. I needed to encourage others to develop resilience through the metaphor of “Life is a Marathon.” While I am a marathon runner, the show has nothing to do with running. It is about the mindset that every marathon runner needs—an “I can do this!” mindset. I love writing, but I get even greater pleasure from speaking. When I am speaking in front of a live audience, I feel alive. I knew that podcasting would allow me to reach people all over the world. I’ve published more than 300 iTunes podcast episodes, and my show has been heard more than 1.75 million times, by people from over 200 countries!

MK: How did cancer transform you?

BVH: On February 17, 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer. I was 50 years old. My diagnosis knocked me to my knees initially; however, I knew the power of stories. During surgery, a complication caused me to lose 70% of my blood. My recovery process was arduous, but I realized that if I could take a single breath, I had everything I needed. And if I have everything I need, everything else was bonus! Cancer showed me that gratitude must be the foundation on which I built every other aspect of my life.

MK: Who are some of the people that have changed your life?

BVH: There are so many people who have encouraged me to become the best version of myself. My two boys are at the top of that list! You, Maimah, are also at the top of that list! The list also includes people with whom I’ve had strained relationships, because they have helped me grow also.

MK: Tell me about your “ReStory” work?

BVH: I love helping individuals and businesses operate at their fullest potential. What holds us back is our story, which is also our brand. I work with people on identifying which parts of their story produce results contrary to what is desired. I help them “restory” their thoughts and communications to produce their desired results through my writing, speaking, workshops, group coaching, private coaching and consulting.

MK: What tools keep you purposeful?

BVH: My daily routine consists of journaling and meditation/prayer. In the morning, I write out things I am grateful for, and reflect on why I’m grateful for each. I write out my intentions for the day and my desired outcomes for each activity. We get what we focus on, so in the evening, I focus on my “wins”. I also listen to audio books often.

MK: What’s in the future for you?

BVH: One of my affirmations is “I am being used by God to raise the consciousness of all humanity!” With this in mind, I seek ways to teach people principles of successful living. I’m writing more books, growing my podcast audience, and helping businesses create more productive, empowering workplaces. I will also be traveling globally, to encourage unity within our diversity.

MK: How do you “live bliss”?

BVH: I do so by living “on purpose!” If I can go to bed knowing I did everything I could have done that day to be true to my purpose, to give and receive love, add value to people’s lives, then I can go to bed with a smile on my face.


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Until next time, live bliss, pursue your passion and manifest magic!

Much love, Bliss Boss, Maimah.


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