5 Expert & Practical Success Tips from A Remarkable Millennial

By SCN Blog Contributor Maimah Karmo

This post was previously posted on The Huffington Post Blog


There is no disputing how millennials are shaping the world. This connected, social entrepreneurship-focused, technologically savvy generation embraces diversity and a world with no borders. They are impacting the way we do business, philanthropy, and government. Most of all, they are innovative and they want to lead. I recently spoke with Shinjini Das, a savvy Indian-American fem-preneur, who, as she puts it, “is on a mission to write one of the greatest stories ever.”

Shinjini shared, “Waiting is not how you win the game of life, so I took control of my own destiny in 2014, and christened myself ‘The Go-Getter Girl!’. My aim is to empower people to take action and achieve their greatest potential.” While many think that millenials are spoiled and self-centered, Shinjini is anything but. She shared 5 powerful success tips behind her success.

  • Age is Just a Number. “Your age doesn’t matter. In fact, the earlier one starts, the more time one has to experiment and try out different strategies, fail, recover, and get back on the road to success. I am grateful to have begun my entrepreneurial journey at 24 years old. Entrepreneurship is a difficult road, so the earlier one begins, the higher the probability of success on an abbreviated timeline! Millennials who are interested in entrepreneurship should start experimenting with ideas ASAP, l earn their markets, and create a product-market fit for their businesses.”
  • Always Be on Your “A” Game. Shinjini says, “it takes a combination of acute entrepreneurial passion, intelligence, determination, drive, strategy, and business acumen to execute great visions! To succeed in the competitive industry of media, one has to be perceptive, alert, adaptive, and committed to consistent growth! My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to outline a vision and specific action items to complete in order to achieve this vision. Break your vision into manageable and achievable chunks; and study, refine and improve your craft.”
  • You Can Build the Plane While Flying It. You don’t have to wait for the moment to be right, just make it right. “I thought, I can wait to learn all I need to build my business or I could just start! So, I did. I’m building my business as we speak. I’ll tell other young entrepreneurs that you must start with an idea as well as a very concrete value proposition. I saw a need for a media house that develops authentic content, social strategy for individuals, personal brands, small businesses, and larger corporations. Majority of the digital content today is not personalized or focused on creating a broader social impact, which I wanted to address with the formation of The Das Media Group. I’m always learning and studying, but I wasn’t going to wait to learn it all before stepping into my dreams.”
  • Honor Your Family by Capitalizing on the Opportunities They Afforded You. “My family instilled in me high integrity, a killer work ethic, focus, and gratitude. I am an immigrant, and having the ability to accomplish our dreams here in the United States is an opportunity that I do not take for granted. I am tremendously grateful to my parents for providing me with this foundation upon which to launch my own ambitions of building the first global lifestyle brand headlined by an Indian-American, and scaling my media company internationally.”
  • Let Every Success Be A Catalyst to do More. “Recently, I was featured in Powerhouse Woman Trailblazer for Levo League’s feature: 43 Motivational Quotes from Powerhouse Women with Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Malala Yousafzai. I was incredibly honored to have been quoted with some of my favorite boss babes! Instead of thinking that was the pinnacle, I saw the experience as an indication that I must continue do to more – to pave the way for others coming after me, and so that I can be in a position to advocate for the causes closest to my heart such as global girls’ education, youth empowerment, and STEM”.

Even though Shinjini has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Teen Vogue, Sirius XM, in The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, INC., Business Insider, FORBES, she says she’s just getting started. Through her work at the Das Media Group, Shinjini is a star on the rise. She says, “My goal is on growing my company and brand, and becoming the first global American lifestyle brand headlined by an Indian-American.”

Shinjin radiates joy and ambition. Learn more about her on Twitter @SpeakerShinjini, on Facebook @SpeakerShinjini and Instagram @SpeakerShinjini.

Much Love, Bliss Boss, Maimah