Mali Phonpadith interviews Sudheer Shukla with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (BLC).

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Sudheer Shukla is a (volunteer) Outreach Specialist with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (BLC) (with their DC Chapter). BLC promotes natural biological practices that draw carbon from the atmosphere into soil to address and eventually reverse climate change. These practices consist of restoring and enhancing biodiversity of soil and other ecosystems through regenerative agriculture and eco restoration. Sudheer is also involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), which is lobbying Congress for a revenue-neutral price on carbon. Sudheer has a Master’s in Mathematics, and currently teaches math at C2 Education in Herndon, VA, and has previously taught math at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA.



Twitter:, @bio4climate

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