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A Spotlight on Made With A Purpose

In this article we introduce you to Reshma Thakkar from Made With A Purpose. Reshma is the CEO and Founder of Made With A Purpose.

Reshma’s journey began in Southwest Michigan, half a world away from the rich culture and deep-seated traditions of India. Despite the distance, her heritage shaped her personality and colored her life, engraining a deep appreciation for the world and people around her.


Throughout her education and career, including a degree in Health Administration and a high-powered position as an IT consultant, Reshma continued to pursue her love of exploration. To-date, she has visited over 35 foreign countries, and embarks on new adventures as often as possible.

It was along this journey that Reshma was summoned with an inexplicable, deep desire to return to her homeland, India. She made the bold decision to take a three-month sabbatical from her successful career to journey overseas alone. What followed would eventually lead to her being featured on the groundbreaking television event, Belief, produced by Oprah Winfrey.

She has also since founded Made with a Purpose, a social enterprise committed to empowering girls and women in India with education, skills training, and economic stability.



Provide a stable, suitable source of income and an opportunity for a real career for underprivileged women

  • Reduce financial stress so women can help in taking care of their families by buying food, clothing, and contributing to family finances
  • Uplift women so they can gain respect in their families and be seen as an asset, not a burden
  • Empower women to provide improved quality of life for their families
  • Offer support to the community by providing a safe, fair working environment for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters of the school children, as women are the ultimate asset
  • Provide the tools and resources that women need to create a better life for themselves; we will not enable the women, but we will empower them so they are vested in their success as much as we are

Encourage further education for girls graduating from Sandipani Muni School

  • Offer jobs with tuition benefits for graduating girls interested in pursuing further studies
  • Provide internship opportunities for graduates interested in fashion design
  • Offer college scholarships for girls graduating from Sandipani Muni School who are interested in pursuing higher education

Build a safe, holistic workplace for women with amenities and integrated programs

  • Expand the existing sewing center to a larger facility with proper workstations, storage capacity and amenities for the women
  • Build a community of powerful women so they can support each other and have freedom and independence
  • Undo cultural conditioning, improve self-confidence and promote positive thinking through integrated programs
  • Provide educational opportunities for women such as literacy programs and English classes
  • Empower women so that their children have the moral support, financial support and emotional support they need to attend and excel in school
  • Teach women the importance of education for their daughters, thereby increasing attendance and improving graduation rates at Sandipani Muni School and reducing child marriage statistics
  • Treat women fairly with respect, love and compassion as every person, man or woman, deserves


Percentage of “Made with a Purpose” proceeds will also support the following:

  • Sponsor the education of the children of MWP women if they are not already being sponsored
  • Sponsor additional girls’ education at Sandipani Muni School 1 girl at a time with a goal of 20 girls per year
  • Work side by side with FFLV and other organizations in the campaign to eradicate child marriage by helping at the root cause and working directly with the women of the community.


We are proud to share that we partnered up with Made With A Purpose to ensure that their mission is on track by providing them with a Technology Assessment. The world is a better place because organizations like Made With A Purpose are truly driven by a Vision that serves more than themselves.

You can find out more and shop their beautiful products by visiting https://www.etsy.com/shop/MadewithaPurpose16.