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A Spotlight on BlueCore Leadership, LLC

In this article we introduce you to Randall Taussig from BlueCore Leadership, LLC. Randall Taussig is the President and Chief Navigation Officer of BlueCore Leadership. Randall Taussig is an entrepreneur and business improvement specialist who is passionate about helping business leaders break through barriers and get what they want out of their businesses.He attributes his entrepreneurial journey to his family roots.


He has extensive experience with the challenges of ramping up sales, sourcing capital and confronting numerous operational issues.

As founder of BlueCore Leadership, he now helps entrepreneurs simplify their business and break through operational barriers. He is passionate about helping business leaders reach their highest potential.
Taussig is also a private pilot who is passionate about flying, with over 1,500 flight hours accumulated both personally and for business.

BlueCore Leadership, LLC is a coaching and training company focused on entrepreneurial Organizations. Our clients include C-level executives and their leadership teams.

They offer business systems that provide an infrastructure to help manage growth and profitability. We specialize in helping clients achieve traction in their businesses while gaining more balance in their lives.

We are proud to share that we partnered up with BlueCore Leadership, LLC to ensure that their mission is on track by providing them with Social Media Strategy. The world is a better place because organizations like BlueCore Leadership are truly driven by a Vision that serves more than themselves.
You can find out more about BlueCore Leadership by visiting http://bluecoreleadership.com.