Mali Phonpadith interviews Josh Silverstone.

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Josh Silverstone, Pokerpreneur® and founder of Aces Raise, uses poker as an analogy to help people and businesses make better and more profitable decisions in their business and life. From an early age Josh was drawn to games and sports, and saw how the strategies can be translated to life lessons. Josh’s expertise comes from 10+ years of sales and marketing experience across diverse industries. As a management consultant, Josh had the opportunity to work with emerging companies sized from $2-25M to implement sales processes, hire and train salespeople, and work with the leadership teams. 

As co-founder of Idea MindTeams©, Josh encourages others to pursue a life following their passions and focusing on their talents. Through collaboration with other team members, everyone has an opportunity to get the information, insight, and feedback they need to elevate their business. Josh feels this program is in line with his goals of helping more people and businesses make better decisions so they can grow faster.

In 2003, Josh was at the University of Maryland when poker boomed and so did his interest in the game. He started studying the game of poker, and helped put himself through college with poker winnings. Josh is on committees for several annual training events and charity tournaments.

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