Mali Phonpadith interviews Benjamin Warsinske.

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Benjamin Warsinske is founder and CEO of, Inc., a brand strategy and design agency headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. As a brand strategist, Benjamin works with companies at all stages of growth, advising them on brand strategy, loyalty, and creating memorable brand experiences. His on-demand training platform, the BrandedWorld Academy, provides core courses on brand strategy, live monthly trainings, and a worldwide network of entrepreneurs to learn from and network with.

In addition to his work, he is an advisor for the CyberSecurity Factory accelerator out of MIT, an instructor and coach for the Chicago Urban League’s Entrepreneurship Center, and a board member for a private company. Mr. Warsinske is author of GroundWork The Foundation for an Unshakable Brand, available on

Over the course of his career, Mr. Warsinske has worked as a strategic planner to the United States Air Force Pacific Headquarters and played key roles in planning resort residential communities worldwide. To learn more about Benjamin, visit

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