Mali Phonpadith interviews Rebecca Fitton.

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Rebecca Fitton explored different places and professional work.  She grew up in Delaware then went to upstate New York for college.  After graduating from Keuka College, then a women’s college, she returned to the University of Delaware for her Masters of Arts in International Relations.  Then she headed for Michigan for careers in urban planning and healthcare administration and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Detroit.  She continued her healthcare profession in Ohio and retired as President of CareView Home Health in Middletown.

As others who retire know, retirement is a busy time.  She served on five non-profit boards bringing her business acumen to each.  She and her husband Richard built a new home on his farm, and then he died suddenly. Recovery from his shocking death took time.  Finally she realized that the time had come to remake herself.  As the lyrics of the song go, “I’d built a life wrapped so tight it was strangling me.”  Freedom was a spirit call from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rebecca arrived in Santa Fe in 2008 and fell in love with the blue skies, clean mountain air, a vibrant community and the arts.  Her first poem was written under a juniper tree. Today, she resides in Pennsylvania on the East Coast.

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