Year-End Release: Rid, to Add

By SCN Blog Contributor (c) Sylvia Henderson, Springboard Training. All rights reserved.

Have you ever heard of – or do you have – a “release list”?

That’s right, a release list.

Let me ask you, how much time do you spend planning and carrying out a “what I need to get” or “what I need to do” list?

How about a complimentary “what I need to release” list?

You come to the end of a year or end of a planning session during the year. You evaluate what went well and what you want to improve or change in order to continue moving your ideas to income and making an impact.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, leader in an organization, or are thinking about making a change in your life then – if you’re like me – you make decisions about what you need to ADD to your business, your tool set, your personal development efforts, or your life to make the changes you need to transform your ideas to action.

Here’s the thing about additions…

You have a finite amount of time – 24 hours in a day. You have a finite energy and resource capacity no matter how young or fit you are. You have to fit MORE into your finite set of resources if you keep adding without releasing.

One set of statistics from reveals that of the people who make resolutions at the beginning of a year:

  • 72.6 % maintain their resolutions through the first week after they make them;
  • 68.4 % maintain their resolutions past two weeks;
  • 58.4 % make it past one month; and
  • 44.8 % make it up to six months.

(Reference: )

These resolutions encompass individual intentions set towards physical wellbeing, health, relationship, business, financial, personal happiness, and hobby interest changes or improvements. The additions in life required to accomplish these intentions fill calendars, stress relationships, weigh heavily on minds, and guilt-trip when fallen short of “goals reached”.

Personal organizers I know tell their clients that to get control of their closets, for every one article of clothing they add they must get rid of two. When you look at your intentions and feel that you cannot fit one more thing into your business or life in order to accomplish them, commit to a similar process.

I suggest to you that, to truly accomplish what you want with the ideas you have, develop a “release list” to off-set what you plan to add.

Here’s how it works…

Look at where you have spent your time, money, and energy in the last month, three months, and year. Evaluate the return on your investment of the resources you’ve expended by answering the following questions:

  • Are there activities you did or events you went to that turned out to be less of an opportunity than you expected?
  • Are there groups you belong to that no longer serve you?
  • Are there people you associate with who seem to stay on the negative end of the attitude spectrum and bring you down?
  • Are there things you own that you haven’t touched or used in awhile, or that seem to add to your physical and mental clutter?
  • Are there tasks you perform that you could delegate to someone else who can perform them more effectively?

These are questions to ask yourself – and your team if you have one – to determine what you can release in your business and life in order to make room for what you want and need to add.

I’ll tell you, I release…

  • Clients who drain my energy;
  • Coaches and consultants who no longer help me grow;
  • Groups, organizations, and networking events that I’ve given a lot to over time to build “know, like, and trust” relationships, yet received little in return;
  • Files that clog my cabinets or hard drive; and I do my best to release
  • Past thoughts of failure to make room for future strategies for success.

Call to Action

Inventory what is on your plate; what your current commitments include. Then make your “additions” list with what you intend to improve or change in the coming weeks, months, and year. Finally, look at all that you plan and evaluate what you can – and will – release in your business or life.

If you find yourself stuck on the release part of this process, sit down with a friend, partner, team, coach, or someone else whom you trust who can be objective with helping you weed-out what is no longer helping you grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or financially so that you can make room for new strategies and resources to transform your ideas to action.

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