A Fish Doing Pushups? Bring Your Ideas to Fruition

By SCN Blog Contributor Sylvia Henderson

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Ever see a fish doing push-ups?

I heard a saying that “transformation without action is like a fish doing push-ups”.
So if there’s no such thing as a fish doing push-ups, then there’s little chance that transformation – whether your business, career, or life – will happen without your taking action.

Snapping your fingers [snap], or imagining “it” to be, or “just putting it out there and expecting it to happen” also doesn’t work without taking action.

Show me an entrepreneur who says, “It didn’t work” for her or him, and I’ll hold up a mirror to them to show you an entrepreneur who didn’t work hard enough for her or his business.

So, let me give you three fast-action steps you can act on as soon as finish reading this article to move your ideas closer to income-generating potential.

  1. Resolve to yourself – right now – that it takes work to bring your ideas to fruition. I mean real work! It takes time, energy, and financial investment of some degree. So many people who engage coaches, mentors, guides, or consultants reach points where “it takes too long”, or “turns out to be too hard”, and they stop long before they turn their ideas to reality. While the work goes well beyond today, you can resolve to yourself – deep down inside – that you WILL do the work that it takes to achieve what you want to achieve.

I want that for you!

  1. Identify the first person who you will turn to for help. You’ll turn to more as you move along your journey. But for right now, a few minutes from now, start going through your connections and evaluate your relationships to identify the first expert who can help you transform your ideas to action. That’s right…stop and ask for directions instead of taking the wrong turn.
  1. From all the ideas you have, PICK ONE IDEA AND FOCUS all your resources on that one until you reach one of two conclusions over time…that the idea is a success and you’ve achieved your expected results, or the idea is no longer valid for you or your organization at the time and with your existing strategy or market trends. One and done – with either result – gets you farther long-term than when you spread yourself thin with too many, and unfocused, ideas.

Take fast action with these three steps and you’ll never look back for that fish doing pushups!

Let me help you take action on your ideas – whether fast or steady – with specific steps that move you forward towards your goals. It takes specific and strategic action on a steady basis to realize progress and get to where you SAY you want to be. Connect with me at SylviaHenderson.com. Stay up-to-date with my tips and guidance to move your ideas to income…and to impact the world. Let’s start with a conversation to see how I might serve you – or your organization – to implement your ideas and get things done

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By SCN Blog Contributor © Sylvia Henderson, Springboard Training. All rights reserved.