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A Spotlight on MindTeam Solutions

In this article we introduce you to MindTeam Solutions, Inc. The founders of this organization are Sylvia Henderson and Josh Silverstone. MindTeam Solutions serves organizations that understand the need for more than “just training”. They realize they need a means to reinforce talent development experiences, apply assessment results, and implement new ideas so that business growth is truly the result of your people.


At MindTeam Solutions, we value trust, celebrate diversity, and believe that every organization can create a corporate culture where individuals are respected and encouraged to contribute. We create safe environments inside organizations where all employees are empowered on a consistent basis to be intrapreneurial, have real conversations, openly share their ideas, use their unique skill sets, collaborate across functions, and move the best ideas forward for the benefit of the organization.

Sylvia Henderson, CEO

We facilitate business transformation and create strong corporate cultures through the foundation of our Idea MindTeam™ model. Our Idea MindTeam™ model creates a high trust collaborative ecosystem for ideation, innovation, and problem-solving. This fosters employee engagement and professional growth while helping corporate leaders propel the company forward.

Josh Silverstone, COO

MindTeam Solutions helps organizations thrive by building high trust, diverse, innovative, and collaborative corporate cultures resulting in revenue growth, higher customer satisfaction, and more engaged employees. Companies flourish, innovate, and achieve significance when they implement the Idea MindTeam™ group platform, procedures, and tools that enable staff to solve problems, implement ideas, and get things done:

Idea MindTeam™ Platform

  • Idea MindTeam™ platform & Facilitator training & certification that create facilitated, intentional groups. These are the ongoing mastermind groups we develop within organizations. They are facilitated with a structure that helps co-workings communicate openly and with a purpose

Professional Development Training Programs

  • Professional development programs (individual training programs both on-site and virtual. These are trainings led by an expert based on the particular needs of a company. This can be discovered top down from leadership, or middle out through the Idea MindTeam™ session.

Experts-on-Demand – Assessments & Consulting

  • Experts-on-Demand (other consultants and experts we can bring into a company for management, leadership & executive coaching for targeted solutions). This is inclusive of needs analysis from leadership, personality/values assessment of employees, as well as looping leadership in with feedback and status of Idea MindTeam™ groups on objectives and innovations

SCN is proud to share that we partnered up with MindTeam Solutions, Inc. to ensure that their mission is on track by providing them with Vision and Mission Mapping. The world is a better place because organizations like MindTeam Solutions are truly driven by a Vision that serves more than themselves.

You can find out more about MindTeam Solutions by visiting http://mindteamsolutions.com