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What separates a person or business as a market leader instead of an “also ran” or “rest of the pack”?

One key characteristic is adopting a “cause”, rather than a “because”, mode of thinking and idea-generation.

Here’s what I mean by “cause” and “because” modes of thinking and acting on ideas.

– Cause…taking initiative.

– Because…reactionary.

– Cause…take control.

– Because…wait for something to happen before taking action.

– Cause…in front of the curve of trends to make something happen.

– Because…behind the curve catching up with trends.

– Cause…make things happen in spite of circumstances.

– Because…respond to situations giving control to others.

– Cause…leading.

– Because…following.

– Cause…internal to self.

– Because…external from others.



Market leadership.

These are “cause” concepts that keep you top-of-mind as a potential vendor, get you visibility with media, and earn you speaking engagements as you are more-likely to be seen as a business leader instead of part of the pack.

Let me help you identify ways you – or your team – can take initiatives in your business so that you can keep ahead of the curve of trends, be innovative, and INFLUENCE market conditions in your industry or niche, rather than play catch-up and react to other market leaders.

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