Mind Gone Blank? Here’s What To Do!

By SCN Blog Contributor Sylvia Henderson

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Have you ever “gone blank” trying to think of a solution to a challenge you face, only to have a “duh! moment” when someone else suggests a solution to you?

My message to you today comes from the very question I ask when my idea tank is empty and someone else gives me a great idea.

I ask myself – and perhaps you ask yourself in a similar situation…“Why didn’t I think of that?!”

This is different from hearing or seeing your idea come from somewhere else and thinking, “Hey, that’s MY idea!”

You ask yourself why you didn’t think of that when you don’t have the idea to begin with.

This may seem impossible – not having an idea – when you’re an entrepreneur, or a leader in an organization.

It seems to others that you always have ideas.

You ask this question of yourself when you don’t have the thought until someone else inspires the thought, as opposed to having the thought that you failed to take action on.

I’ll tell you a story that, FROM the story, you’ll learn how to GET an idea for a solution that you otherwise might not have gotten on your own.

I had breakfast with a client who had an issue she couldn’t seem to solve herself.

She bought me breakfast to talk-out her issue in the hopes I would see something she didn’t.

This is lesson #1 – embrace the power of a partner in an Idea MindTeam.

This lesson is the basis of why belonging to idea mindteam mastermind groups is so important to growing your business or advancing your career!

It’s harnessing the power of the “third mind” where your mind and the other person’s mind produce ideas that either of you may not think of respectively on your own.

Back to the story…

During our breakfast, while I gave her ideas to address her issue, I realized they were also ideas I had not thought to implement myself, for MYSELF.

Lesson #2 – in helping someone else address their challenge, you might also realize that your idea can solve a similar challenge you yourself have and had not thought of before.

Again, this is what happens during Idea Mindteam™ mastermind sessions when you share your thoughts with others.

You sometimes hear yourself come up with an idea for yourself.

Lesson #3 of the story is that saying your idea out loud validates and cements your thought in your own mind.

You hear yourself say something aloud, and what you had in your head when you were alone seems not to be such a crazy idea after all.

Or if it seemed like a crazy idea in your own head, once someone else has an “eureka moment” from your idea, it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

To bring my story to an end…

My client heard my suggestions for addressing her issue, was open to them, then came up with ideas that built on mine so that she solved her challenge in a way that she otherwise would not have solved without the “third mind”.

Let me help you solve a business or professional issue that you may have gone blank on so that you can avoid saying to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, and you can move on to transform your ideas to action.

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