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A Spotlight on The Animal’s Carols

In this article we introduce you to The Animal’s Carols. The founders of this organization are Carol Ann de Barros & Jules Cashford. The Animals’ Carols gives voice to the animals in the manger the day that Jesus was born. Their story is told through music, fully orchestrated, sung by a children’s choir, and set to wonderful poems written by author Jules Cashford. Her works have been published by Barefoot Books, Penguin, the Greystones Press and others.

The Carols were originally intended as the First Carols for Children, since, as children, we make many of our earliest explorations through those animals who are close to us – our cats and dogs and ‘teddy bears’ – allowing us to feel for them, and through them, as well as learning from them. We hope that these Carols would offer a similar introduction to the Christmas Story.

Carol Ann de Barros & Jules Cashford

The Animals’ Carols products can be viewed and purchased on https://theanimalscarols.com, Google PlayCDbaby.com, iTunes and Amazon. The Animals’ Carols has already attracted a growing interest on social media and is already contributing to a new consciousness and interest for animals in general and the plight we are all facing in our environment. You can find them on Facebook.

SCN is proud to share that we partnered up with The Animal’s Carols to ensure that their messaging reflects their Vision by providing them Marketing Strategy. The world is a better place because The Animal’s Carols is truly driven by a Vision that serves more than themselves.

You can find out more about The Animal’s Carols by visiting https://theanimalscarols.com