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A Spotlight on Hope by Design

In this article we introduce you to Hope by Design. Founder Alexis Chng-Castor is reminded that our Father in heaven is a CREATOR. His creation surrounds us. Everywhere she turns, she sees His creation and through His creations, she sees His heart. As His child, she has inherited His gift of creation and that’s why creating things comes so naturally for her.

Hope by Design is a company made up of innovative minds that advocate for design as an essential methodology for creating and measuring a brand’s influence and impact.

The mission of Hope by Design is to be the leading creative consultancy specializing in brand identity creation and experiential marketing that delivers thoughtful, inspiring, and powerful messages with our visually moving designs. Their creative team designs captivating and meaningful visuals that influence perceptions, change lives and inform the decision-making process.


Hope by Design can help you by providing the following services:

  • Brand identity creation, visually moving design and experiential marketing strategies for growing businesses, associations and nonprofit organizations
  • Helping clients build their own award-winning in-house creative teams
  • Offer “Design Thinking” Educational Series and/or Programs
  • Support grassroots groups with branding and design needs for their community events, projects and initiatives.

Alexis Chng-Castor

Alexis Chng-Cator believes that her business and brand will become a beacon of light shining in a dark and chaotic world, providing hope to the lost and disillusioned. SCN is proud to share that we partnered up with Hope by Design to ensure that their mission is on track by providing Vision and Mission Mapping. The world is a better place because people like Alexis Chng-Castor are truly driven by a Vision that serves more than herself.