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A Spotlight on TimeSorters, LLC

In this article we introduce you to TimeSorters, LLC. Using museum-quality materials and standards, TimeSorters will organize and preserve:

  • Family papers: letters, wills, diaries, land grants, contracts, blueprints, etc.
  • Photos and photo albums
  • Film negatives and Slides
  • Objects of almost any size from military medals and pins, to gowns and quilts.

Their mission is to work with our clients to organize, preserve, and realize the material and historical value of their possessions by caring for them as artifacts. Through their preservation processes, they are able to help our clients make the emotional connection as to how their history impacts their current journey, their family’s journey and the journey for future generations.

They awaken people and businesses to the importance of their own history, beyond monetary gains, and help them steward that history.

At TimeSorters, we:

  • Help you discover and preserve your place in history.

  • Save the history by helping you release the burden of having to organize, digitize or preserve it yourself.

  • Add more clues to enrich your history.

  • Help to preserve the past for the future.

  • Highlight your present role by organizing things of the past and enabling you to preserve history for future generations.

  • Help you identify and make sense of your touchstones to the past.


Terri Blanchette


TimeSorters’ values of Human Connection, Compassion, Honesty and Integrity, Trust, Knowledge, Service, Professionalism and Peace of Mind makes them a great organization. SCN is proud to share that we partnered up with TimeSorters to ensure that their messaging is clear and that it conveys their Vision and Mission. Please be sure to check out their services at http://timesorters.com.