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A Spotlight on Chef Tony Marciante

In this article we introduce you to Chef Tony Marciante. Chef Tony wants to foster more compassion, unity and connection in the world by creating environments where people gather to eat, drink, share experiences and create lasting memories. He realizes this vision by helping other restaurant owners and hospitality businesses deliver high quality products and services to their consumers that demonstrate their appreciation for human connection, authenticity and community building.

Besides having his own restaurant Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood Restaurant of Bethesda, Tony also provides restaurant consulting for:

  • Single unit operation (single owner with one restaurant)
  • Multi unit operation (multiple owners or multiple restaurants)
  • Restaurant owners and their investors at concept and prelaunch (Restaurant Startups)
  • Restaurant owners who have been in business 3 to 5 years and plateauing in their growth or troubled restaurants who need help turning the tide.
  • Restaurant owners who have been in business over 5 years and need a complete rebrand and operational reboot
  • Restaurant Managers
    • Courses for waiters
    • Courses for cooks
    • Host/Hostess Restaurant/Hospitality Customer Service Courses

When you come back through our doors, we welcome you with open arms. You are free to explore our menu and ask questions, chat with our team, laugh out loud, cry in the corner booth and open your hearts and minds to new ideas, all while sharing a sacred, family friendly space with others who appreciate the same sensibilities that come with what Chef Tony’s Restaurant has to offer.

Chef Tony Marciante


Chef Tony inspires us all. He is committed to his values to facilitate family bonds, happiness, fresh food, honest and open conversations, giving back and community building.
SCN is proud to share that we partnered up with Chef Tony Marciante to ensure that his mission is on track by providing Vision and Mission Mapping. The world is a better place because people like Chef Tony are truly driven by a Vision that serves more than himself.

Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood Restaurant of Bethesda is located at 4926 St Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814. You can also visit his website at http://www.cheftonysbethesda.com.