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A Spotlight on LumInsight Analytics

LumInsight Analytics, LLP is known for its honesty, integrity and delivering quality services that provide reliable and relevant data to solve complex challenges. LumInsight was founded in 2014 by two seasoned consultants who shared a vision of delivering quality analytics regardless of their clients’ choice of software.

True to that vision, their employees share that same guiding principle. They apply their collective knowledge, skills and years of experience to deliver results not just promises. They develop and implement data integration, data warehousing, reporting, analytical tools and cybersecurity solutions for federal and commercial clients.

At LumInsight, their applications, data analytics and cyber security tools derive the optimal value of investments by making sense of messaging services, dashboards, and all other applications in order to build trusted data sources – regardless of the fancy front ends. They ensure users can trust the data underneath the facade.

They often find that the problems they solve are also related to communication issues. They take pride in their ability to actively listen, clarify goals and objectives, build applications that solve complex challenges, effectively communicate their strategies and implement practical plans that work.


Damian Rodriguez

Gary Lesser, General Partner

“Our Vision is to help our clients solve the world’s most complex challenges by providing innovative and dynamic solutions that ensure data integrity, security, reliability and validity for the development of robust strategic plans.”


Damian Rodriguez

Damian Rodriguez, General Partner

LumInsight’s values of being highly ethical, always exceeding expectations, trust, honesty and a moral compass to do the right thing makes them a great organization. SCN is proud to share that we partnered with LumInsight to build a Strategic plan (SOARBOK) for the entire organization to ensure individual’s and organization’s Vision and Mission were aligned, that their messaging is clear and that everyone is on board with the Vision and Mission of the organization. Please contact Damian Rodriguez to learn more about LumInsight.