Map Your Why Stories

Organizations go through changes as they grow, expand or retract. Depending on where your organization finds itself, it’s important to regroup and map out your current and near term vision, mission and values every two to three years or during times of rapid change, growth or crisis. Our S.O.A.R. mapping process is a condensed version of the traditional strategic plan. It’s designed to help address your current and near term strategic reset but what we’ve found is that our process takes our clients to a deeper level of clarity and helps them truly claim their motivating why’s for their organization’s reason for existence.

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Government Contractor Purpose Mapping

This organization provides services to commercial organizations and the Federal Government. They manage a wide selection of financial services – from daily accounting tasks and bookkeeping to integrative compliance, tax management, and specialized audit support. Their...

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NLC Mutual Strategic Mapping Session

In 1986, six state league-sponsored risk pools designed a member-owned captive reinsurance organization to meet turbulent market challenges. NLC Mutual Insurance Company (NLC Mutual) was founded to provide a stable reinsurance answer for public entities with the...

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Flaherty Family Foundation Team Alignment

​The Flaherty Family Foundation is based in Minnesota and serves Scholars and families in faith-based, college preparatory high schools not only in Minnesota but also in Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington D.C. The FFF has grown from simply offering...

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Leadership Loudoun Board Retreat

​Leadership Loudoun is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Through our immersive leadership learning experience, we create opportunities to influence positive change and impact quality of life in the community. The purpose of our signature program is to transform a...

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Luminsight Strategic Plan

​LumInsight was founded in 2014 by two seasoned consultants who shared a vision of delivering quality analytics regardless of their clients’ choice of software.True to that vision, their employees share that same guiding principle. They apply their collective...

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