Operationalize Culture Stories

Technology alignment helps organizations understand how to align their Information Technology department with strategic objectives. We assess business objectives, processes, IT services, policies, procedures, vendors and personnel to build a roadmap of recommendations to transform from Reactive to Innovative. Once you are in the Innovative stage, we use Innovation Management and build tools to solicit, evaluate and implement innovative ideas from your engaged employees in order to meet strategic objectives.

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Officium – Tech Cluster

Officium provides focused and practical consulting for individuals and organizations in the following areas: personal career, human resources, administrative and management. They partner with clients to assess needs, troubleshoot issues, and to generate and implement...

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NASA Government Contractor Assessment

This government contractor is a leading provider of scientific, engineering, and IT support for customers seeking new frontiers in science and technology. For more than 40 years, they have been providing research and technical support to clients like NASA and NOAA—and...

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Social Impact Virtual Chief Information Officer

Social Impact is a global development management consulting firm. They provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness. Their mission is to help global development organizations and programs be...

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