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Team Alignment means that all employees, from entry-level to the C-Suite to the Board of Directors share a common vision and understand their roles and how every member of the “community” contributes to the organization’s goals, mission and impact. Team alignment and team building workshops help encourage collaboration which creates happier, more effective teams. Without alignment, each department works independently with its own goals, data sets, and technology applications. When this occurs, the organization is operating as a siloed organization rather than a C3 Community. Team alignment and team building experiences improve communication, productivity, engagement, collaboration and performance. All activities performed by individuals in a perfectly aligned organization help move the business closer to its strategic vision.

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​Clements Worldwide, originally Clements & Company and later Clements International, is a global insurance company founded in 1947 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in London and Dubai. It provides international insurance to expatriates, international organizations, international schools, relief organizations, contractors and medical tourists.



  • Disengaged teammates within the Marketing Department
  • Poor communication among managers and employees
  • Tensions and infighting where team members do not have clearly defined roles and responsibilities



  • Clarity of shared values and department objectives
  • Alignment of the leadership team’s strategic direction with department goals
  • Mapping of each team member’s leadership archetype and communication style
  • Team building exercises and activities that the Marketing department can implement to calibrate and adjust their team’s culture

SCN Consultation:

  • One Day Align Employees and Team Building Retreat
  • Report delivered to the Marketing Director

SCN is proud to share that Clements Worldwide engaged us as consultants to conduct a team building workshop for the Marketing Department. The Director of Marketing was concerned about team dynamics and communication challenges among the staff. We were asked to create a retreat-style experience to help the team better understand personality traits, natural communication styles and how to work more cohesively as a team.