Map Why Group Workshop

Map Why Group Workshop




Map Why Group Workshop is available for teams in an organization to map/validate their Vision, Mission and Core Values in order to create objectives that map to their true north. We would deliver this in the form of a workshop and the participants would need to fill out some surveys beforehand. The mapping process uncovers and/or validates Leadership Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities. Deliverables are:

  • Facilitation of three (1.5 hour virtual) mapping sessions with the executive team to uncover or validate vision, mission, core values, strategic priorities and desired outcomes.
  • Market research 10-12 hours as needed to provide analysis for strategic recommendations.
  • Organization will receive a “Purpose Report” with summary of Vision and Mission. Included will be a debrief presentation that your team can utilize and reference as you continue to refine your internal messaging, brand identity and brand promise.
  • Vision and Mission Alignment scores that come from the survey responses sent out to the executive team.
  • Draft Vision and Mission Statements for executive team to discuss, edit and approve.
  • Validated list of your top 5 Core Values and your agreed upon definition of these values.
  • Provide additional notes of observations along with suggested recommendations.
  • Included is a Talent Strategy Session (90-minutes virtual session) for the primary point of contact to understand your team dynamics, strengths and potential blindspots. This ensures you have the information you need about your team to align the right people to the right roles that will help drive your business results and desired outcomes.
We will provide additional recommendations to help drive organizational results every 3 months for a one-year period. Group Leader Time - 4.5 Team Members Time - 3.5 Pricing assumes 100% remote work. There is an option for onsite work. Please use the Messages feature to talk to a SOAR Team Member and find out more.