Are you a C-Suite executive who is perplexed about all the tech talk surrounding cybersecurity? Do you feel behind the 8-ball because you just don’t have enough understanding? In order to make strategic decisions for your organization you have to know enough to be dangerous. Come join the conversation between a CIO and CISO that will expose your hidden security risks, empower you to act, and allow you to engage with your tech teams.

CEOs are typically focused on running operations efficiently and the cost to the bottom line. It’s hard to see why IT keeps coming for more money and projects when things appear to be running just fine. What most CEOs don’t see are the hidden risks, the security vulnerabilities, and attackers that are working 24/7 to attack organizations and gain valuable information. It’s not about being scared of IT or security, it’s about being empowered to ask the right questions and understand the answers so that you can make informed decisions for your organization.

At this event you will be: 

  • Exposed to what cybersecurity is and what it isn’t. How it affects your operations and how it can affect the future of your organization.
  • Empowered to have new and deeper conversations with your IT and security staff and understand their answers.
  • Able to engage in new conversations regarding cyber security and IT maturity with your department heads using tools specifically designed for your organization.

Exposure areas discussed:

  • Intellectual Property Loss
  • Client Data Exposed (Reputation)
  • Loss of Organizational Knowledge
  • Complete Data Loss (Ransomware)
  • Compliance

Baltimore January 16, 2017 Event



Tysons Corner January 18, 2017 Event



The Team

Sharon Smith is a 12-year veteran of the information security and compliance industry. In her years as a consultant she worked globally with companies to include Microsoft, First Data, Capital One, Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM), Navy Fleet and Family Readiness (FFR), Navy Federal Credit Union, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Dollar Tree, US Bank, Elavon, National Student Clearinghouse, and Living Social.

Sharon understands the challenges of the security industry and especially the encounters that the CISO, CSO, and other security executives deal with every day. She not only understands the technology they work with, but also the challenges in getting business buy in and support. Sharon is gifted in taking technical and complex topics and communicating them to the business and non-technical side in a way that makes sense and bridges the typical communication gap amongst these groups.

Sharon expanded her education in the area of professional coaching and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the culture that is needed to keep a security team engaged and productive.

In addition to working with organizations on security strategy, Sharon helps these executives create effective messaging and a culture of security throughout their organizations.

Security is not an IT problem and Sharon is focused on helping security and non-security executives understand this and create strategies for closing the gaps within their teams and organizations through leadership development, coaching, culture, mindset, and messaging.

Greg Sasso has more than 24 years of experience managing small to mid-size departments. His experienced includes strategic planning, budgeting, process improvements, vendor management and project management. He is a proven problem solver and leader, he also performs market analysis, project control, and operational guidance. He has assembled, motivated, and trained personnel in all aspects of network operations and helpdesk systems.

Greg provides clients with vCIO services that enable clients to get full utilization from there IT investments. He ensures that IT is aligned with business so that they can achieve business goals. Greg has saved clients thousands of dollars per month.

Greg worked his way through the ranks starting as helpdesk then moving to Network Administrator, System Administrator, and IT Director at a variety of companies in different industries. His experience allows him to understand the various aspect of IT.

Victor Cora Nazario oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. He is responsible for ensuring our technology systems and work processes keep us efficient and innovative. With over 23 years of experience managing IT infrastructure needs, budgets, vendor relations, and help desk support teams for small and midsize businesses, Victor works with clients as their lead technologist and virtual CIO helping organizations align their business objectives with IT.

Victor started his career as an Airman in the Air Force as a Network Administrator for the Andrews Office Network. He then moved on to work as a Senior Network Administrator for government contractors, software development, construction and a non-profit organization. His consulting career started by creating a Managed Services Provider that specialized in supporting small to mid-sized companies by managing their IT function. His duties enabled him to develop technicians, create engagements, handle billing and the relationship with clients and prospects with the goal of growing the IT services practice. His work included planning, budgeting, vendor and IT Department management.

Victor works with clients to ensure that their IT departments are meeting their needs of data sharing, availability and process automation. This work includes talking with clients about their requirements, acting as liaison between the client and software vendors and instructing the client’s executive suite on the best courses of action to take in order to meet client business objectives and exceed client expectations.