A single person in an organization can have hundreds of dollars in expenditures for annualized subscriptions – significantly more if industry specific software is required. Costs add up quickly but managing subscriptions can be labor intensive and arduous. That’s​ ​where​ ​we​ ​can​ ​help.

What You Get!


Faster IT Service

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Efficient License Recycling

Cummulative Savings

Cumulative Savings


We’ll take a deep-dive into your team’s SAAS subscription management, allowing us to see what your costs are but also how often employees are using software. During this process our team will assess & analyze your organization’s technology use and provide metrics & analysis on wasted spend on recurring licenses. This service is provided at no up-front cost. Instead, we employ a cost sharing system where your organization only pays a portion of the savings found.

We ask for the following in order to provide recommendations:

ProfilesWe create user profiles in order to document IT resource usage per title and department. We then use this information to recommend the number of licenses. Finally, we compare this to the number of active users in all subscription software in order to verify that both lists match.

ContractsWe review all subscription software to make sure you are paying a fair amount for licenses and to compare against the User Profile List. We verify the service level agreement to make sure the vendor is providing the necessary service to your organization.


We verify your procedures to make sure they facilitate the efficient management of licenses. Procedures for on-boarding and off-boarding employees are analyzed and improvement suggestions are provided.

DocumentationWe review the process of software purchasing, assignment and removal. We then give suggestions to create policies that will facilitate the management of licenses while at the same time inform users of the resources available to them.