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Team Alignment means that all employees, from entry-level to the C-Suite to the Board of Directors share a common vision and understand their roles and how every member of the “community” contributes to the organization’s goals, mission and impact. Team alignment and team building workshops help encourage collaboration which creates happier, more effective teams. Without alignment, each department works independently with its own goals, data sets, and technology applications. When this occurs, the organization is operating as a siloed organization rather than a C3 Community. Team alignment and team building experiences improve communication, productivity, engagement, collaboration and performance. All activities performed by individuals in a perfectly aligned organization help move the business closer to its strategic vision.

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​Since 2010, Dynamic Service Solutions (DSS) has provided exceptional Engineering, Technology and Professional Services to the Federal Government and Commercial Markets. DSS has helped the US Government maximize their return on investment (ROI) by providing Emergency Management and Shelter Operations, Subject Matter Experts, engineering professionals, technicians, engineers, technology solutions, and staff augmentation support to the FEMA, DOD Office of Inspector General (OIG), Health and Human Services, US Army Medical Department, US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), US Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF) and US Army CID.
Their strong past performance reflects their end-to-end systematic technical and management approach, which is supported by a highly competent staff, skilled in providing program management, health and social services, engineering support services, design services and business process management as required.



  • Tensions and poor communication among team members (high stress environment in the Emergency Management sector)
  • Stressful working environment and employees feeling disconnected – many work remotely
  • Low employee retention
  • Disengaged leaders and their staff



  • A corporate environment where there is more collaboration, engagement and driven by the values and mission
  • Stronger communication among employees, managers and executives
  • Alignment of employee skill sets with roles, responsibilities and job titles
  • Increase in productivity, creativity, collaboration and innovation


SCN Consultation:

  • Align Employees – Talent Insights Assessments
  • Align Employees – One Day Workshop

SCN is proud to share that Dynamic Service Solutions engaged us as consultants to provide Talent Insights Assessments to all of their employees (including the entire executive team) and followed up with a Team Alignment workshop for the entire organization. This ensures each employees’ vision, mission and values were aligned with the organization’s vision, mission and values.