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Richa Badami, Inc.

At Richa Badami Inc. we believe in creating lasting success and transformation for life and business by leveraging your inner power.

Our purpose is to help you awaken to your inner power so you can align your mind and heart to act with purpose and power.

We specialize in meditation programs and products that teach you proven meditation techniques to help you create the lasting transformation we believe in.

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Huddle Enterprises

Darcie Davis, Founder of Huddles Sessions.

Huddle Sessions Provide You with Temporary Advisors to Reinforce Your Learning Journeys.

HUDDLE Sessions are being implemented around the world by Certified Huddle Facilitators who want to do more to keep and dazzle their clients.

They want something unique, helpful, and effective.They want something that’s already been tested and built. And they want an add-on revenue stream!

HUDDLE Sessions are a cost-effective solution to make an auspicious difference in your business.

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Aces Raise

Josh Silverstone, Pokerpreneur and President of Aces Raise.

We help players of all skill levels learn how to play and learn how to think like a winning player. We share articles, news, and videos, as well as offer 1 on 1, group, and corporate coaching opportunities.

1 on 1 & Group Poker Coaching

Corporate Team Building & Leadership Program

We will customize an experience that will have the greatest impact on your organization. This could include a worksop from a professional poker player to hosting a poker tournament for your employees.

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Designer Life Unlimited

Renessa Boley Layne is best known as America’s Life Designer. She is founder of Designer Life Unlimited, creator of the Success & Happiness Test, and author of the book Fast Lane, Wrong Direction: Insider Secrets to Redesign Your Success.

Renessa speaks at colleges, companies and associations to help people experience “fast lane, right direction” in their career, leadership, and personal life design. Renessa’s messages are a powerful wake-up call – not only to a higher quality of success, but a higher quality of living as well.

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Purposeful Hire, Inc.

Purposeful Hire intentionally connects job seekers and employers through career consulting, executive recruiting and generational diversity training. The philosophy is simple: to every hire, there is a higher purpose. Let’s find yours together.

Purposeful Hire promises that there will never be any cross-over between search / recruiting services and career consulting without the expressed permission of a client company’s HR department.

Clients trust Shira to have their best interests at heart, and because she brings such professionalism to the process they are confident in the results.

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Adventures in Leadership

The goal of Adventures in Leadership is to work with young adults to help them develop leadership skills and reinforce civic responsibility and teamwork.

Young people can become better leaders in their organizations and communities, as well as citizens of character.  We work with students in high school and college, providing them with the confidence and strategies they need to overcome challenges as they shape their life course.

Given our diverse world, we also teach cross-cultural communication to help participants prosper in an increasingly interconnected environment.

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Cyndy Porter Style & Photography

Cyndy Porter Style & Photography is far from your typical portrait studio. That’s because Cyndy Porter believes all women and girls deserve to be and feel beautiful.

Leveraging her expertise in brand marketing and her training and skills as a portrait artist and image consultant, Cyndy teaches her clients to identify their artful components – features, shapes and body proportions; and to express and complement their personality, lifestyle, profession and values.

Cyndy Porter Style & Photography provides unique, individualized services including artistic photography, image consultations, wardrobe services and group workshops.

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Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge

World-Class care, luxurious pampering, serenity and ultimate rejuvenation awaits you.

Award-winning and internationally known MaisieDunbarSpaLounge has quickly grown from a small, one-person organization, to a full service nailcare and holistic Life Style Spa Lounge.

Our Spa Lounge was created to provide a relaxation haven for personalized care. These treatments have been uniquely designed to give you a feeling of intimacy and privacy while you take the time to nurture the inner you.

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Designs by Debijo

With new trends in home decor and the unpredictable housing market, I am pleased to extend my expertise in Remodeling, Renovation, Interior Redesign and Home Staging, along with decorative painting, in residential, corporate and retail space.

Designs by Debijo has been working with area contractors to assist in the design phase of remodeling, in both private and corporate sector. With a professional to guide you through decision making, your renovation project is far less overwhelming and clients find themselves truly enjoying the process.

As an Aging in Place specialist, my goal is to also help the aging public, “baby boomer”, stay  in the home of their choice.

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Wellness at Your Fingertips

Wellness At Your Fingertips teaches a self-administered healing modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) which is a clinically and scientifically proven, leading-edge version of energy tapping procedures that professionals and laypeople alike can use on a wide variety of problems.

EFT may be different than anything you have experienced before. For some of you, it will be a new paradigm because it involves the body’s energy system, Chi, as originally defined by Chinese acupuncture. So, we invite you to open your minds with a little “outside the box” thinking.


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Elise on Life

Elise Fee, Life Expansion Coach

Elise works with individuals who have a high standard of excellence for themselves and their lives, yet still have one or more areas where they struggle.

Together, we examine their blind spots and strengths to pull them onto their path and expand what’s possible for them to achieve and experience in life.

Clients have been able to soften, open, dissolve pain, create a solid foundation, release, transform, expand, become more flexible and adaptable, express themselves more fully, and step into a place of freedom where magic and miracles abound.

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Prosperity By Design

Jim is a highly respected business leader, entrepreneur, Spiritual Life coach, inspirational speaker and author.

And while this might seem like a lot of titles or roles that he has taken on they are all part of life’s purpose, to live in full expression of who he is.

For the better part of 30 years Jim has been inspiring others to higher levels of understanding and achievement, however he recognized early on that to do so he himself had to have the experiences.

To speak on topics where one has no experience is nothing more than theory or conjecture.

To speak from an experiential standpoint is to have knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

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