SOAR Community Network Acquires Successful Culture International (Read More)

MCLEAN, Va. – July 7, 2022 – SOAR Community Network has announced the acquisition of Successful Culture International, a globally recognized leader in corporate culture consulting and the creator of the Successful Culture Advanced Leadership Education (SCALE) Academy. The company will retain the name of SOAR Community Network and will continue to operate under the same leadership team, SOAR co-founders Mali Phonpadith and Victor Cora Nazario. SCI co-founders Marissa Levin and Jennifer Brown will join the SOAR leadership team as VP of Strategy and VP of Organizational Development, respectively. Click here to see full press release.
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In today’s workplace, organizational leaders are concerned about retaining and attracting great people while many employees are struggling to stay engaged, be productive and feel valued. SOAR improves employee experience through human, leadership and culture development programs. By using our C3 framework, you will increase engagement, foster team cohesion, develop better communication, improve innovation and obtain higher profitability.

Our C3 framework creates:

  • Compassionate leaders at every level
  • Cohesive teams across all functions/business units
  • Collaborative culture throughout the organization

Strategic Mapping

Map Your Strategy to Your Purpose!

Does your strategy map to your purpose? Are all your leaders and employees aligned to meet your objectives and drive business results. Strategic Mapping can help create a strategic direction that maps to the organization’s purpose. A strategy that maps to purpose is the foundation to creating a compassionate, cohesive and collaborative culture that produces business results.

1:1 Talent Strategy Session

Transform Your Team in 90 Minutes!

What type of leader are you? Are your strengths in innovation & agility, teamwork & employee experience, process & precision or results & discipline. Understanding your work style, team dynamics and the work to be done will help you design a dream team.

Talent Optimization

Design a Collaborative Culture!

Do you have a people strategy? Do you want to create a positive employee experience and retain your great employees? Are you worried about addressing issues arising from remote work, social injustice, diversity and burnout? Talent optimization is the solution for you. Align your people to your purpose!


Develop Transcendent Leaders!

How do you develop a transcendent leaders? By teaching Compassion, Cohesion and Collaboration skills. Design a leadership program that will enable the implementation of best practices aligned with the organizational goals.

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