Our mission is simple: sharing strategies for success. The SCN Breakfast Series, originally called YPLG, was started by Misti Burmeister, Steve Dorfman, and Mali Phonpadith in 2007. Throughout the years, our group has been organically grown through referrals. Our invitations and notification reach close to 400 business leaders each month. In November 2016, the SOAR Community Network became the primary organizer; continuing the mission. For over a decade, CEOs and their executive leaders have gathered together to network, learn and share strategies for success.


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March 6, 2018 :: Nema Semnani :: Why Have a System: The Psychology of the Sale

The traditional buyer/seller relationship is a bit dysfunctional. Sometimes it seems that, despite our best intentions, the stigma of “sales” still persists, leading some to view buying and selling as a win/lose proposition. The disconnect between the traditional selling methodology and the psychology impacting how people buy may be the primary cause of much of the challenges and frustrations most people face when selling. We will discuss, via real-world examples and group participation, the reasons for why this is, how we got to this point, and what can be done about it. What you will learn:

  • The importance of a systematic selling process.
  • The anatomy of what goes into an effective and efficient selling system.
  • Attendees will gain at least 5 techniques/behaviors that they can implement immediately in their respective businesses
  • Understand the basic three-part structure.

Nema Semnani

Nema Semnani from Sandler Training will teach us how to break the cycle and close more business in 2018. During this workshop, participants will learn a tried-and-true, step-by- step selling system that results in predictable outcomes and allows the sales professional to be in control of the sales interaction.

Nema Semnani is an entrepreneur, teacher, coach and lifelong learner. Nema Semnani has spent his career driving sales, profitability, and productivity for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, developing sales processes, sales training programs, building sales teams, and leading business development for innovative startups. He is the founder and president of Precision Sales Consulting, a Sandler Training Center based in Arlington, VA. Precision Sales Consulting utilizes Sandler Training’s honest, no-nonsense methodology to improve the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques required to reach the highest levels of success.

Contact info:
Website: www.precision.sandler.com
Email: nema@precisionsalesconsulting.com
Facebook: @precisionsalesconsulting.com
Phone: (202) 670-2891

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Interactive participation is an important element of the meeting’s success – the attendees have a strong desire to share their experience and to learn from the others, as well as from you. If you are interested in facilitating a future session, please contact Mali or Victor at info@soarcommunitynetwork.com.


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