March 6, 2018 :: Nema Semnani :: Why Have a System: The Psychology of the Sale

The traditional buyer/seller relationship is a bit dysfunctional. Sometimes it seems that, despite our best intentions, the stigma of “sales” still persists, leading some to view buying and selling as a win/lose proposition. The disconnect between the traditional selling methodology and the psychology impacting how people buy may be the primary cause of much of the challenges and frustrations most people face when selling. We will discuss, via real-world examples and group participation, the reasons for why this is, how we got to this point, and what can be done about it.

What you will learn

  • The importance of a systematic selling process.
  • The anatomy of what goes into an effective and efficient selling system.
  • Attendees will gain at least 5 techniques/behaviors that they can implement immediately in their respective businessesUnderstand the basic three-part structure.

Nema Semnani from Sandler Training will teach us how to break the cycle and close more business in 2018. During this workshop, participants will learn a tried-and-true, step-by- step selling system that results in predictable outcomes and allows the sales professional to be in control of the sales interaction.

Nema Semnani

Nema Semnani is an entrepreneur, teacher, coach and lifelong learner. Nema Semnani has spent his career driving sales, profitability, and productivity for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, developing sales processes, sales training programs, building sales teams, and leading business development for innovative startups. He is the founder and president of Precision Sales Consulting, a Sandler Training Center based in Arlington, VA. Precision Sales Consulting utilizes Sandler Training’s honest, no-nonsense methodology to improve the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques required to reach the highest levels of success.

Contact info:
Phone: (202) 670-2891

January 30, 2018 :: Steve Orr :: The Power of Three: Why Three is Your Key to Speaking Success

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Snap, Crackle, Pop. The Three Stooges.
Have you ever noticed how many things come in threes? And how engaging, funny, and memorable they can be?

As leaders, communicating your messages effectively and concisely is more critical than ever. Harnessing the power of three will help take you to the next level in delivering your messages, whether it’s a presentation, speech, or other public speaking engagement.

In this interactive session, you will:

  • Understand the basic three-part structure
  • Learn how to build your messages
  • Create a mini-presentation

Steve Orr Headshot (1)

Steve Orr is the founder of Steve Orr Media, which helps clients become more effective speakers, as well as create and produce podcasts. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from financial firms and authors to educators and professional sports figures.

Steve launched his consulting business after a three-decade, award-winning broadcasting career. The last half was spent as a business news anchor and feature reporter at the MarketWatch Radio Network, where he was regularly heard on some of the country’s biggest news stations.

Contact info:
Website: Steve Orr Media
Twitter: @steveorrmedia
Phone: (703) 566-3314

December 5, 2017 :: Marissa Levin :: Mastering the 4 Pillars of Intentional Leadership

Leadership is one of the most rewarding aspects of our professional journey. It is also one of the most demanding. How can leaders master the daily and long-term challenges that accompany our commitment to moving ourselves, our employees, and our organizations to their next levels? There are 4 personal pillars that all leaders must strengthen to ensure we consistently show up in the most impactful ways possible:

· Health
· Higher Purpose
· Self-Discipline and Structure
· Self-Worth/Self-Awareness

In this collaborative and engaging program, participants will split into 4 groups to share experiences on how these pillars have strengthened them in times of challenging leadership, and how absence of these pillars have hindered them. They will collectively brainstorm ways to strengthen each pillar, and share their findings with the entire group. At the conclusion of the program, they will each receive a worksheet which includes action items for each pillar that they can work on daily. Only when we personally care for ourselves are we able to effectively lead others.

Meet Marissa Levin

A 25-year entrepreneur, speaker, & globally recognized growth strategist, Marissa’s lifetime legacy mission is to educate, equip, & empower 100 million entrepreneurs & leaders with the skillsets and mindsets they need to reach their greatest potential. As CEO of Successful Culture, Marissa helps CEOs master the 3 most critical aspects of business growth: leadership development, strategy formulation & execution, and organizational culture assessment & improvement. She also helps CEOs select and implement highly effective advisory boards using her patented SCALE™ Model, which is an essential strategy for any business looking to grow exponentially. She is a Chapter Chair for Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO). In this role, she facilitates groups of up to 20 women business owners with revenues ranging from $2 million to more than $150 million. She is also a Leadership Mindset columnist for Inc. Magazine.

She is the author of “My Company ROCKS!” Eight Secrets to a Growth-Driven Culture That Keeps Employees Happy & Engaged,” which provides specific strategies on how to build a culture that fosters employee loyalty and engagement, and the author of the #1 best-selling book on advisory boards, “Built to SCALE: How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards”. The book leads businesses owners through her patented SCALE™ Model to strategically select, compensate, associate, & leverage advisory boards for breakthrough growth.

Marissa Levin
CEO, Successful Culture

November 7, 2017 :: Ian Cook :: Two Critical Steps on Our Journey to Leadership Effectiveness

One of the most exciting and cutting edge approaches to leadership development lies in the relationship between the effectiveness of a leader and his or her current level of adult development. We will take a look at the two levels that are most relevant to the growth of leaders in organizations today: Problem-Reacting and Outcome-Creating. These can be seen metaphorically as two distinctly different “operating systems” on which a leader might “run” his or her behavior and decisions.


– Understand the two orientations and how they relate to results, energy (of the leader), and complexity in today’s world.
– Experience firsthand the difference between approaching a situation from each of these orientations.
– Reflect on the presence of these two “operating systems” in the way we lead

Ian Cook

Meet Ian Cook

Ian is a professional keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator and executive coach. His expertise and passion lie in helping mid-to-executive level managers lead effectively at the “micro” level, in that interpersonal space between themselves and the individual employee. In Ian’s words, “Effective micro leadership practices yield macro results!”
Since founding his company, Fulcrum Associates in Toronto back in 1988, he has worked with thousands of managers from over 250 clients from the private sector, major trade and professional associations, small business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

Ian is a Certified Speaking Professional. CSP is the highest earned designation conferred by National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill and, from Cornell, a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations. In addition, he has been a lecturer in Ryerson University’s Faculty of Business.

Ian channels his volunteer involvement through the community leadership organization, Leadership Fairfax Inc. A 2004 alumnus of the LFI Signature Program, he has served on the LFI Board and chaired their Program Committee, sits on the Faculty Advisory Committee, and currently presents two sessions for the signature program class.

Fulcrum Associates

1-888-FULCRUM (385-2786)
Micro Leadership Macro Results

October 3, 2017 :: Lori Saitz :: Now What? How to Turn Those Business Cards You Collected Into Valuable Connections

You go to a networking event, spend a few hours mixing and mingling, and leave with a fistful of business cards. Then what happens? If you’re like most people, you stick those cards on your desk, where they sit, staring at you for weeks. You keep adding to the pile after each new event. Eventually you reach a point where you can’t stand the clutter any longer and sweep them into the recycle bin.
We’ve all been there. But, what was the point of forcing yourself to go to those events in the first place if you’re not going to do anything with those fledgling relationships you made there?

In this session, participants learn:
• What to do immediately upon collecting a business card
• What to say in your follow up efforts
• When it makes sense to connect on social media
• How to turn that conversation into an ongoing relationship
• A simple system for consistent follow up

Lori Saitz


Despite outward appearances, Lori Saitz considers herself a quiet girl. In 2003, she launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie. In order to build that company, she had to learn how to network effectively to find clients and referral sources.

Today, as a networking strategist and speaker, she helps other quiet people feel more comfortable networking, starting conversations and connecting. Her services are in demand by business professionals who want to feel more confident initiating and building relationships that support their career and business success.

Zen Rabbit

September 5, 2017 :: Randy Taussig :: Why Businesses Stall and What to Do About It

Sub Title: 5 Leadership Abilities to Help You Break Through the Ceiling

Most entrepreneurial businesses hit a ceiling as they progress through different stages of growth. It’s normal, but can be overcome. Randy will review/facilitate 5 leadership abilities that every business owner must master in order to break through the ceiling every time! If you’re running a growing/entrepreneurial business, this facilitation is for YOU!


ABOUT Randy Taussig:

Randy works with leadership teams of entrepreneurial businesses to help them gain traction, scale and stay on course. As an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader and pilot, he offers a unique perspective that engages, informs and entertains audiences. Founder of BlueCore Leadership, Randy has also served on executive teams where he led sales and operations for privately-held organizations with revenues ranging from $5 million to $150 million.

Randy Taussig
Mobile: 703-489-7722

August 1, 2017 :: Robin Finnell :: They Way You Look Reflects Your Standards

For years we have been hearing the importance of making a good first impression. As office attire becomes more and more casual what is a person to do? Robin Finnell will share why our clothing still matters and how what you choose to wear reflects (or not) the standard you want to project. Although Robin primarily helps female clients, her presentation will include information on what men can also do elevate their standards.



As a Doncaster Wardrobe Stylist, Robin helps senior female executives, and professionals define their style and showcase their personal brand by creating and coordinating their wardrobes, so getting dressed is simple and the perfect outfit is at their fingertips. The Doncaster Collection is a premium designer clothing line, created and made from the top fabric mills in Europe and around the world. Robin shows this gorgeous collection at her studio near Tyson’s Corner by private appointment. Her goal is for her clients to walk into their closet and walk out confident they are wearing clothing that fits properly, reflects their personal style, looks fabulous and is perfect for their day ahead! In other words “reflects their standard”.

Robin Finnell, Wardrobe Stylist

The Doncaster Collection
6888 Elm St, Suite 301A
McLean, VA

July 11, 2017 :: Laurent Amzallag :: Fit to Lead

“Fit to lead” literally means that a person is physically fit to lead a community and the connection between fitness and leadership goes back to caveman days. Though the qualities required for a great leader have evolved and changed tremendously, fitness is always going to play an important part in becoming a complete leader.

During Laurent’s energetic talk, he will share why it is mandatory for a leader to be fit and how to easily incorporate fitness into a busy schedule. He will also share his 6 tips to adopting a fitness mindset (which all attendees will use to fill out their very own Transformation Plan) and how a commitment to corporate wellness can open up gateways to employee engagement and business success.

Laurent Amzallag


For the past 20 years, Laurent Amzallag has been Washington DC’s well sought after fitness expert. He has recently been a guest on the Dr.Oz show as well as participating on Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” tour. He has been featured in ELLE Magazine and named one of the country’s top 50 trainers by the President’s Council On Physical Fitness and Sports.

He is also the fitness leader for organizations such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and Best Buddies. As a fitness entertainer, speaker and instructor, he is a catalyst for change and transformation using body movement to rewire mindsets.

Watch him on the Dr. Oz show:

Laurent Amzallag
YALA Fitness

June 6, 2017 :: Jane Lovas :: North Star Express:: Reconnect with Your Inspiration

Just as sailors and explorers used the North Star to guide them through new territory and keep them going in the right direction your North Star will guide you as you grow your business.

As you reconnect with your inspiration that caused you to start your business, you’ll regain the excitement and fun you had in the beginning.

Create your own North Star and gain the clarity and confidence you need to know you are heading in the right direction.
You’ll gain the confidence to say “No” to what’s not working and “Yes” to what resonates with your clients.

Jane Lovas - Headshot (853x1280)


Jane, consultant, thought leader, author, and speaker helps leaders create the transformation and innovation that is required to foster profitability and business growth.

A known speaker, Jane tailors her messages to her clients and audiences using personal stories that are delivered with wit and humor. Jane has a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University and a BS in Information Systems from Park University in Parkville, MO. She has consulted to companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Washington Mutual Inc., Fannie Mae, Nextel Communications, Neustar and XO Communications where she has a proven track record of successfully transforming failing projects while improving morale, communication, and team cohesiveness.

Jane is the author of Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass, and Co-Author of Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses.

Contact Jane via email at or at 703.981.3157.

For more information on Jane check out her website or read her blog at Follow Jane on twitter at

May 2, 2017 :: Elaine Gibson :: Insider Secrets to Make Every Day Your Most Creative and Productive Day

Insider Secrets to Make Every Day Your Most Creative and Productive Day!  is powerful interactive session.

Participants will discover my proprietary system to:

  • Learn to take stock of where and how you are losing energy and focus in your life.
  • Learn how to upgrade and transform every part of your day so that every area of your life can flourish.
  • Leave the session with a one-stop Action Plan that you’ve created for yourself, 100% personalized to you and all that you need to radically improve every area of your life.

Elaine Gibson


Elaine Gibson is an extraordinary woman, cited as one of the world’s top ten natural cancer survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), having beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, Elaine shares her hard-won lessons for living a clean, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Today Elaine is a published author, sought-after motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, private coach, and a green juicing, loving grandmother.

Elaine is the founder of Renewed Living and the creator of the Extraordinary Living Made Easy program. She hosts talks, workshops, VIP Days, and one-on-one coaching sessions to help people gain more energy, lose weight, and rejuvenate their health and wellbeing. She believes that we must be our best selves to create and bring our best work to the world. Elaine empowers others to renew the promises they have made to themselves.

She is known for her Radical Rejuvenation Workshops and Radical Reinvention VIP Days during which groups and individuals get a one-day intensive session on turning their health, life, and career around, as well as her Extraordinary Living private coaching – – which focuses on personal, tailored coaching. Elaine also offers the Box of Extraordinary, a “starter kit” that gets you started on the road to self-healing, weight management, and personal discovery, as well as complimentary private coaching sessions to help evaluate clients’ specific needs and design a program for them.

Elaine Gibson
Renewed Living

April 4, 2017 :: Sally Strackbein :: Stories Leaders Tell :: Great Leaders are Great Communicators

Great leaders are great communicators. Do you know the key to great communication? Stories! Scientific studies show that stories help us understand and remember concepts and facts. Human brains expect information to be delivered in stories. That’s why fables, stories and literature have stood the test of time. Parents tell the story of “The Boy who Cried Wolf” when they want their children to learn the importance of not lying or playing tricks. Leaders who inspire people to action use the power of story to persuade, connect and motivate. Sally Strackbein will cover some of the types of stories that you can tell to be a more credible, more charismatic, and more convincing leader.

Sally Strackbein SQ small


Sally Strackbein inspires people to discover, clarify and express their value through speaking, writing and storytelling. Her presentations, workshops, and coaching help her clients create and deliver messages that motivate, educate, or sell.

Sally Strackbein
Defining Story

March 7, 2017 :: Myron Radio :: Breakthrough Thinking :: The Key to Leadership Success

Breakthrough Thinking: The Key to Leadership Success is a highly interactive and thought-provoking session that will test your “conventional” thinking about what it takes to be a leader in this rapidly changing, sometimes disruptive & dysfunctional world of business.  One simple model will be used to break the paradigms of the past a provide an alternative path forward along your Leadership Journey.

Myron Radio

ABOUT Myron:

Myron J. Radio is a five-time author and President of The R Group, a consortium of seasoned professionals who specialize in Leadership and Organizational – Change, Transitions and Transformations.

Myron is recognized as an energetic speaker, facilitator, team builder and executive coach with over 5,000 coaching sessions to his credit. His clients represent a broad range of global Fortune 500 companies and industries as well as mid-cap and startup organizations.  Prior to founding The R Group, Myron was an executive with Mobil Corporation, now ExxonMobil.

His latest eBook is LEADERSHIP FIT – Finding the Right Leadership Fit for you.  He has also published several articles on “how to” engage and align the workforce to achieve the organization’s Strategic Imperatives.

Myron J. Radio
President, The R Group

February 7, 2017 :: Margery Leveen Sher :: Notice What You See :: The Key to Leadership

Notice What You See: The Key to Leadership is an entertaining and thought-provoking session filled with strategies for leadership, team-building, communications, and increasing productivity. Noticing means mindfulness, in terms of being alert and focused. Margery’s presentation is based on academic research, particularly the work of Dr. Ellen Langer of Harvard, but it is imparted in a memorable fashion. Participants learn to Notice “zippers”, “broccoli”, and Human Idiosyn-Crazies ™, and convert this awareness into keys for leadership and productivity.

In the Spring 2016 issue of Canadian Manager magazine, Margery notes in her article How Getting a Lot Done Can Get in the Way of Major Success: “Most of us go through the day checking off items on a to-do list or a calendar. We keep our heads down and plough ahead. Well we might get ‘a lot done’ but we are definitely missing the bigger picture. And it is the bigger picture that leads to disruption, innovation, creativity, and enhanced productivity.” To see the bigger picture, you must learn to Notice.


ABOUT Margery:

Margery Leveen Sher is Founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project™. Margery is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and executive who has had a long consulting career working with multinational corporations and government agencies. She blogs at and for The Huffington Post. She has published a book on corporate-supported child care and numerous articles on various aspects of work-life balance. Margery’s latest book is The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing….Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine. Margery has an MEd in Developmental Psychology from Rutgers University.

Margery Leveen Sher
Chief Noticing Officer, The Did Ya Notice? Project

January 3, 2017 :: Glenn Garnes :: The Art of Connection:: Becoming a Live Streaming Social Influencer

One very important component of leadership is the ability to influence others.   Today’s live streaming technologies afford incredible opportunities to quickly create credibility, trust and influence. Learning how to harness the power of technology to deliver informative content should be part of any serious business professional’s business growth strategy.

In this session, Glenn Garnes will help attendees explore and appreciate powerful live streaming technologies to enhance their ability to attract clients, referral sources, and new opportunities in their careers and in their businesses.

Attendees will leave this session with a greater appreciation for:

  • The importance of being an originator of content;
  • How to turn live streaming platforms into lead generation tools, and;
  • How to use them to nurture a network of contacts for long term success.

glenn garnes card photos 008

ABOUT Glenn:

Glenn Garnes is the founder of Village Connector Community where he helps others reach their full potential through personal development. Glenn left the practice of law approximately 12 years ago to find his true calling. He has done that by combining his love for personal development and technology into a business that changes lives.

Glenn now works with speakers, coaches, authors, educators and wellness professionals to create online courses, events, and other content designed to attract people committed to self-help and self-education.

The Village Connector Community production facilities include two full TV production studios, a radio studio, and an event venue all designed to help people expand their minds and their opportunities in the process.

To find out more about who Glenn is seeking to work with, please visit You can also reach Glenn using any of the following:

Glenn Garnes
(301) 776-1490 ext. 1

December 6, 2016 :: Julie Jakopic :: Understanding Leadership Preferences

During our upcoming SOAR breakfast, Julie Jakopic will share a model for understanding leadership preferences and how to use them to effectively work with others.

Leaders and managers, whether in a fluid or volatile environment, must effectively communicate and inspire their team. This is critical to achieving shared goals. And it’s not just about our teams. It’s also about building relationships and successful business development through relationship marketing. As small business owners and leaders, its imperative we learn to communicate effectively and efficiently with our potential clients, those we currently work with and our colleagues.

This will be an interactive and fun experience. Julie will be sharing a quick and easy tools to help understand and work with those around us. We will have a chance to play with the tools and learn to use them in our work.

Julie is the President of iLead Strategies and the host of the Don’t Await It, Create It, [] women’s leadership conference.


Julie Jakopic has been helping leaders succeed since she tutored her friends in math in third grade. Today, Julie is one of the nation’s top organizational and leadership development consultants and coaches.

A Social Alchemist who’s shared the stage with luminaries like President Obama and change agent Neale Donald Walsch, Julie’s on a mission to help build the new paradigm of business where leaders thrive at home and at work. Julie created her signature Don’t Await It, Create It System to help visionaries transform possibilities into probabilities.
A social psychologist by training, Julie works with leaders and their teams to get clear about what they want and design strategies and build relationships to  get there.  After leading organizations in the non-profit public and corporate sectors, Julie created iLead Strategies  to help leaders create workplaces that work for the people who work there, deliver outstanding results for customers and drive real impact in the world.

Author of Planning for Results, a nationally recognized strategic planning tool, and creator of the Don’t Await It, Create It framework and event, Julie gets rave reviews as a speaker, coach, facilitator, and strategist known for her pragmatic and optimistic approach. Clients credit her ability to not only build and grow their own leadership skills, but also her uncanny understanding of how to help executives develop and strengthen the talent beneath them.
Twitter: @ileadstrat

November 1, 2016 :: Carole Stizza :: Leadership and Feedback: The relationship of receiving and giving: How to make it work both ways

Feedback is touted as a pivotal tool in gaining performance insights at every level and research has solidified the value of using feedback as an engagement tool for leaders throughout an organization. However, the challenge is that those who receive feedback ultimately control how effective the feedback is interpreted into results.
For example: If you’ve ever left a feedback session feeling as if the experience was not helpful, then you left wondering how to integrate that feedback into forward motion and may not have actually done anything different. In contrast, if the feedback you received was nothing but positive, then you may have left wondering what or why to pursue improving and moved forward maintaining your status quo.

The reality is, if all feedback drove positive change, then we wouldn’t be reading titles such as ‘the performance appraisal is dead’, ‘If everyone hates feedback, why provide it?’, and other titles that undermine the value of good feedback practices. So what’s the secret?

Perhaps we have been focusing on the wrong thing?

Join us on Tuesday, November 1st for:

  • An interactive look into Feedback as a Leadership tool
  • Explore specific steps to make feedback sessions productive at every level
  • Walk away with tools to use with your organization and clients


Carole Stizza, SHRM-SCP, founder of Success (SXCS) Collective offers insights into engagement issues for leaders across organizations. In support of a military family for over two decades, she has launched, grown, and relocated businesses across the United States and resonates with the hurdles experienced by leaders when employing multiple generations, cultures, and backgrounds while striving for healthy, productive organizations. Relocating across the U.S. presented a wealth of industry exposure, to include the needs of personnel in marketing, travel and tourism, sales, training, instructional design, food technology, and non-profits. These experiences, combined with degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Human Resources, and MBTI facilitation, allows SXCS Collective to fuse ideas into solutions while also recognizing their impact on personnel.

To discover other services offered, please visit or connect directly:

October 4, 2016 :: Jane Lovas :: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Whether you think you are or not, you are a fantastic storyteller. You’ve been telling yourself stories all of your life. Positive stories, negative stories, stories you’re aware of and others you’re not. They’re all running in the background directing your life. This is for you if you want to grow your business, attract the perfect clients or increase your productivity. What are your stories and how are they affecting your life?  How do you identify them and change or expand them? What if you could change your stories and (subsequently) change your life?  You can! In this session you will:

  • Recognize a story that is negatively impacting your life or your business
  • Write (draft), Publish, Direct and Act (inner; virtually) in your new story
  • Discover how to overcome your resistance to rehearsing your new story and the importance of being detached from the outcome



Jane — consultant, thought leader, author, and speaker — helps leaders create the transformation that is required to foster profitability and business growth. As a Consultant, Jane is focused on creating a shift in the paradigm of how businesses do business. She has created Sage Discernment™ and Strategic Transformation.  Two programs which are centered around creating transformation and innovation in organizations. Transformation is a process not an event. A known speaker, Jane tailors her messages to her clients and audiences using personal stories that are delivered with wit and humor. Jane has a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University and a BS in Information Systems from Park University in Parkville, MO. She has consulted to companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Washington Mutual Inc., Fannie Mae, Nextel Communications, Neustar and XO Communications where she has a proven track record of successfully transforming failing projects while improving morale, communication, and team cohesiveness. Jane is the author of Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass, and Co-Author of Seen and Sustained: Best Practices in Communication that Increase the Visibility of Small and Diverse Businesses. Contact Jane via email at or at 703.981.3157. For more information on Jane check out her website or read her blog at  Follow Jane on twitter at

September 13, 2016 :: Elise Fee :: When Leading is a Challenge: Learning to Shift your State

No matter how many leadership qualities you embody, there are times when a situation gets the best of you. Surely you’ve experienced a time when your internal state is stressed or anxious, when you’re feeling threatened or criticized, and you aren’t able to think clearly or respond appropriately. It’s happened to all of us at some point or another.

But what if you had a secret weapon that you could employ in times like these — a tool that would help you feel safe, empowered, clear, and would enable you to respond the way you know is best?

Elise will teach you several tools and techniques that you’ll practice on-the-spot so that you are prepared to handle whatever situations life brings you…calmly, cool-ly, and compassionately.

You’ll discover and practice:

  • How to feel safe and peaceful in any situation
  • How not to take-on negative attitudes or issues, unless you choose to
  • How to activate your personal power before any situation (including public speaking)

Elise Fee

Elise Fee is an Accelerated Breakthrough Coach, Speaker and Published Author. She helps successful executives whose careers and lives look amazing from the outside, but who are secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. They’re feeling uncertain, confused, and like they’re letting their team or family down.

Elise works with clients to create a new lease on life through her Shift into THRIVE™ Coaching Program. With the ability to guide clients through challenging shifts, she brings to bear a breadth of skills in Coaching, Personal Development, Leadership, Behavior Modification, Communication, and Change Management.

Her background and experience run the gamut from small private businesses to large public corporations, and include nonprofit and local government clients. Elise also served in US Army Reserves for 8 years.

Her credentials include: SWaM Certified, Certified Mentor/Trainer; Certified Hypnotherapist; Bucknell University, BA; University of NC – Greensboro, MBA, cum laude.

If you’d like a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with Elise, go to, complete the questionnaire, and email it to Elise at

August 2, 2016 :: Mali Phonpadith :: How to Market Yourself as a Thought Leader

Having a presence in your local business community and among your peers is wonderful if you’re actively networking and forging strong personal relationships with other leaders. Trying to create a presence for yourself as a thought leader in your industry that extends beyond your existing network or even your company’s brand can open up greater opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Marketing yourself as a thought leader with the appropriate audience can help when seeking funding, promoting new products, landing speaking opportunities, forging new partnerships, and so on…

When you’re just starting out or in building mode, hiring a PR firm is not always in the budget. We’ll discuss:

• 5 steps of becoming a thought leader in your industry
• Several ways to deliver value-added content to customer and prospects
• Tips and strategies that will help get your name out there without breaking the bank

Mali Phonpadith


Mali Phonpadith is the Founder & CEO of SCN (SOAR Community Network), author, speaker, marketing strategist, podcaster and the Executive Producer of Tea with Mali Cable TV Show.

Mali has over 19 years of marketing, sales, and business development experience. Mali also ran a financial services practice for seven years where she created and implemented risk management strategies for hundreds of clients.

Huffington Post,,  Advisor Today Magazine, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WHUR Radio, Voice of America, Intentful Magazine and numerous blog talk radio programs have featured her work and journey.

As the Founder and CEO of the SOAR Community Network, Mali leads a dedicated consortium of business experts in helping small and mid-sized businesses expand their market reach by operating as their virtual marketing and IT department.
Contact Information:

Mali Phonpadith
Twitter: @SOARwithSCN

July 5, 2016 :: Victor Cora Nazario :: Aligning Technology Services with Your Business Goals

Small business owners and their leadership team have a myriad of things to consider when running a company in this current environment. Technology trends change with every tick of the clock and these days, having an online presence also means automatically being a considered global business.

How can business owners and their executive team make the right choices when it comes to selecting technology services that best meet corporate goals, support consumer needs, protect organizational/client intel and create efficiencies to save time and money?

During this facilitated discussion you will:

  • Get an overview of technology for business
  • Learn the 3 pillars of technology
  • Strategies for selecting the appropriate Apps based on your unique business goals
  • Collectively as a group, come up with a list of best apps for small businesses



Victor Cora Nazario is the COO & vCIO of SCN (SOAR Community Network).

Victor’s career extends beyond 20 years, starting with his technical experience as an Airman with the United States Air force. Within that timeframe, he has successfully managed teams of technology experts at Grunley Construction Company, Inc., Fair Labor Association, and Argy Technology Services. His responsibilities included managing IT infrastructure needs, budgets, vendor relations, and help desk support teams for small and midsize businesses

Today, Victor oversees SCN’s day-to-day operations and works with clients as their lead technology strategist and virtual CIO.

Contact Information:
Victor Cora Nazario

June 7, 2016 :: Lowell Nerenberg :: An Inquiry into How Being Human Gets in the Way of Good Leadership

Lowell suggests that cultivating one’s awareness is necessary for developing leadership and management effectiveness. Awareness in this context includes self-awareness of one’s basic five senses plus memories, intuition, emotions, judgments and more. Also needed is accounting for the same types of reactions in others.

There are several ways of learning and practicing these skills and they primarily depend on us being mindful of ourselves and our surroundings and our automatic, unconscious tendency to being reactive.

You might say that we humans are, for the most part, hard wired action-reaction machines. And you would be generally correct. Thankfully, a part exists in us all which we can call upon to intervene when necessary and create preferable results.

Lowell will lead us in inquiries and experiments with these awareness raising qualities, so that we may become better at creating desired results with more personal intention.

Takeaways include:

  • Become skilled at noticing your negative auto-pilot tendency before taking the action
  • Learn to open your spectrum of awareness and sense things you were previously unaware of
  • Learn to allow yourself to more readily accept others’ poor behavior, once you realize they are simply hard-wired that way
  • Develop the practice of letting go of negatively judging another personDevelop the practice of letting go of negatively judging yourself



For the past 10 years Lowell (“Coach Lowell”) Nerenberg has been an executive leadership and management coach, mentor, and consultant. He is committed to helping leaders achieve profound and enduring breakthroughs in leadership and management awareness, competence, and effectiveness.

Lowell founded and led Mid-Atlantic region-based Computer Graphics Distributing Company (CGD) for eleven years, during which CGD became #144 on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. After co-founding a similar distribution firm in New England, Lowell sold CGD in a merger and roll-up with five other regionals to form a national distribution company. Later the same year the merged group issued an IPO on NASDAQ and soon thereafter acquired Lowell’s New England-based company.

In many ways, CGD was unique in the technology distribution world. It was inspired by a powerful shared purpose and guided by core values and principles. An article about the company, “How I Built a National Firm with Culture and Purpose,” appeared in the Baltimore and Washington editions of SmartCEO magazine at

In addition to his experience as a CEO, investor, and entrepreneur, Lowell has had extensive training and experience in advanced interpersonal communications, neuroscience, mindful leadership, stress reduction, human potential, emotional awareness and intelligence, and other advanced approaches to enhancing one’s performance and alignment with others.

Lowell is a graduate of Temple University. He and his wife, Bev, live in the DC area, and have two sons and three grandchildren.