Build Your C3 Communities with Talent Optimization

Are you looking for effective ways to build community, increase engagement, optimize your talent and drive business results? Attend our learning series. 

Welcome to SCN’s Learning Series

We host monthly training sessions for business owners, executives and managers to help optimize your talent, increase engagement, foster innovation and drive business results. During these 75-minute, virtual training sessions, we provide practical strategies, current insights, trusted resources and effective tools to help you build C3 Communities across your organization. We’ll show you how to successfully develop more Compassionate leaders, design Cohesive teams and high performing teams and foster a Collaborative and innovative culture. Our list of session topics are as follows:

  • Drive Business Results with Talent Optimization
  • Map to Why
  • Diagnose Engagement
  • Set Strategic Objectives
  • Align Employees
  • Operationalize Culture

Scroll through the Upcoming Events below or visit our main event calendar for additional SCN hosted activities. A link to participate will be emailed to you upon registration.