This government contractor is a leading provider of scientific, engineering, and IT support for customers seeking new frontiers in science and technology. For more than 40 years, they have been providing research and technical support to clients like NASA and NOAA—and have made significant contributions to more than 150 Earth and space science missions. Their expert scientists, engineers, and IT professionals share a commitment to providing solutions for the unique needs of each customer.


  • Budget – Senior Management needs to know if they are spending the right money on IT.
  • Lack of IT Personnel – IT Department head thinks his people are oversubscribed.
  • The Right Staff – Senior Management wants to know if they have staff with the right experience for the systems they support.
  • The Right Configuration – Senior Management wants to know if the system is configured according to the needs of the organization.



  • Mapped IT Personnel to Information Technology Responsibilities chart to show gaps.
  • Created a Roadmap of tasks and projects prioritized based on organizational needs.
  • Presented the View of IT report from employee surveys and revealed issues that were previously not addressed.
  • IT Department broke into 2; 1_ Infrastructure Services and 2) Software Development.
  • Revealed $100,000/year in saving opportunities in infrastructure costs by recommending consolidation of systems.

SCN Consultation:

SCN is proud to share that this client engaged us as consultants to help them evaluate their IT personnel and Information Technology Systems. The objective of our assessment is to make sure that the IT department head understands their purpose in the organization and that senior management understands how to use IT as a strategic tool. We worked directly with the Director of IT and Senior Management to make sure there was Business and Technology alignment.