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NEBULA is a C3 Community of entrepreneurs, business leaders and community champions. We participate in ideation gatherings, monthly clusters with SMEs, and network to grow our businesses, expand our network and collaborate for success to create positive change in society.

We are more than a membership community, we are a movement.

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SCN Nebula - Community Change Agents

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Community Building


Expand Your Network

Belong to a network of trusted business experts and community change agents who are committed to growing their businesses to create positive social impact.

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Expand Your Business

Learn and share insights during monthly Ideation Gatherings, Masterminds, Clusters and Mix & Mingles. Collaborate on projects and business ventures.

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Expand Your Expertise

Access resources and SMEs to help you grow your skills. Log into our Nebula portal to ask questions, share ideas, post opportunities and get developed with fellow change agents.

Nebula is a consortium of entrepreneurs, business leaders, intrapreneurs and community champions. We run and manage small and mid sized businesses, nonprofits and grassroots organizations. We actively and intentionally create social impact through our products, programs and services. We encourage one-on-one conversations among members to understand synergies and foster collaboration to help our change agents succeed with their businesses and social enterprises.

Nebula Change Agents have diverse business and cultural backgrounds which enrich our community with invaluable world views, expertise and wisdom. Members can join from any part of the world. What we have in common is the commitment to do work that goes beyond profit. We want to make a difference in our communities. We wish to collaborate with others to successfully grow and scale our businesses and nonprofits, expand our missions and create the changes we seek in the world.

Member Benefits

Connect. Mastermind. Collaborate.

We at SOAR Community Network believe that Community is everything!  Nebula is a hub where conscious and compassionate business and nonprofit leaders gather to grow as human beings, scale their businesses, expand their organizations and collaborate on mission-driven projects and initiatives.

Nebula Change Agent members support each other by:

  • Building and empowering businesses and organizations that want to create social impact with their products, services and programs
  • Community building from within our organizations and throughout our networks
  • Developing ourselves and others into transformational, mindful and conscious leaders
  • Referring each other or teaming up to support projects and/or business opportunities

We invite you to join our SCN Community of Change Agents!

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Organizations that are interested in developing internal and community change agents can also become Nebula members.

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