Oko Support Policy

We’re thrilled to offer outstanding support to help you thrive. Our friendly team of SOAR experts are here for you as a resource to ensure you’re getting the most value from using Oko.

The following policies outline what the expectations of these support services should be, what our support is and is not intended for, and some best practices to ensure that we can offer our support services in a clear and efficient manner.

Examples of what Knack support services are intended for.

  • Product support. Ultimately, Oko support is intended for how to best use the Oko product. We will walk through how the product works in general and how to set up specific features.
  • Administrator training. Ensuring that the organization administrator understands the capabilities of the Oko and how to best answer training and functionality questions.
  • Bug fixing. If anything is not working correctly with Oko, we will verify that an issue exists.

Examples of what Knack support is NOT intended for

  • Business advice. SOAR technical support will work with your organization to ensure that the technical specifications of Oko meet your organizational requirements. We will not be accountable for providing process advice.
  • Customization. SOAR will enter into separate agreements and use a different set of technicians to customize Oko to meet the unique needs of an organization that do not match the rest of our clients.

Your Support Plan

Knowledge Base

All users with access to Oko will have a Knowledge Base section with articles about how to use and perform administration in the application.

Support hours & response times

  • Support Hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern from Monday to Friday except on Federal holidays
  • Response times are a maximum of 1 business day. We will not wait one day to respond. The 1 business day is the maximum that you will have to wait for a call back.
  • Resolution times cannot be guaranteed because we will not know the problem until it is reported.

Communicating with Oko Support

We have made it easy for you to communicate with us. Details for the following methods of communication will be listed in your contract:

  • Emails and Tickets
  • In-App Messaging
  • Bugs and technical issues
  • Additional Packages
  • Onboarding
  • Training