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Here are examples of our own projects and programs.

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Tea with Mali is an inspiring interview show that offer real business advice for everyday leaders and visionaries. The cable show and web series introduces our viewers to people around the globe who are choosing to inspire others toward positive change.

We highlight exceptional people, remarkable stories and community advocates who are making a huge difference in their communities.

Our vision for a better world begins with each person we meet, each interview we share, and every life that is shifted, inspired or saved by doing what we do.

​Having personally gone through many life challenges, including an escape from war-torn Laos, learning to overcome poverty and racism in the United States, and experiencing the losses of her late fiancé, nephew, father, best friend and grandmother, Mali understands the depth of grief and has chosen to transform pain into passion.

Her mission in life is to help others honor their time on Earth by uncovering their gifts, sharing their talents and living their legacy… today.

She has dedicated her life’s work to helping others See, Own, Articulate and Release their purpose to lead extraordinary lives. Tea with Mali  is an extension of that personal mission.

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SOAR Community Network (SCN) Podcast features legacy driven leaders, entrepreneurs and creative visionaries.

Our guests come from all walks of life and have agreed to graciously share their gifts, talents and lessons learned so that others may benefit and SOAR in their lives.

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Creative Entrepreneur Buzz is a weekly show that helps creatives sharpen their entrepreneurial mindset so their businesses can launch, grow and collaborate toward success!

Our topics support creative entrepreneurs with insights, useful tips and tools, and lessons learned to help them sell their art and talents successfully to the market.

CE Buzz focuses on strategies, the entrepreneurial mindset, and suggestions on products and tools that will allow creative visionaries to launch, grow and collaborate their businesses with their targeted communities of consumers, partners and fans.

Are you ready to become a creative entrepreneur?

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Prometheus Consulting, Inc. introduces Layer Eight podcast. Providing valuable information for IT technicians and executive management to efficiently deliver IT services to internal and external clients.

Do you have a growing IT department or are you new to management of your corporate IT division?

Come along with Greg Sasso and Victor Cora Nazario as they relate stories to facilitate the sharing of their knowledge with the audience.

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