Mali Phonpadith, along with our SCN network of coaches and experts, host and facilitate retreats and workshops designed to support personal, professional and leadership development.

See, Own, Articulate, and Release your talents, vision, mission and values. Uncover or rediscover your unique gifts to lead with purpose in business and to best serve your community.

We customize and host a variety of retreats and workshops that support individuals as well as executive teams. Our programs help participants become more clear about their intentions and goals for business and life. Corporate clients either bring in our facilitators to work with their executive and management teams or work with us to customize a unique executive retreat experience away from the office. Our individual participants register to gain access to our unique processes and modalities for personal growth and professional development.

SCN S.O.A.R. retreats and workshops:

  • Move through Great Leadership toward Legacy Driven Leadership (Leadership)
  • S.O.A.R. Team Talent Insights (Team Building & Leadership)
  • Communication Styles and How to Give Honest Feedback (Leadership & Team Building)
  • Identifying Corporate Focus Areas and Unique Offerings (Entrepreneurship, Marketing)
  • How to Be and Market Yourself as a Thought Leader (Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership)
  • See, Own, Articulate, Release Your Unique Mission (Personal & Professional)
  • SCN Compass: Vision & Mission Mapping for Individuals and Business Owners (Personal and Professional)
  • How to Stay Resilient in the Face of Challenges, Trauma and Grief (Personal)
  • Where to Go from Here: Facing Life and Career Transitions (Personal and Professional)

Mali is a rare find in the business world. She offers a powerful balance of intelligence and intuition and uses both to help her clients. I attended Mali’s retreat to gain clarity in my career and in my business. This was a wonderful experience that helped me connect with my passion for my work and the excitement for the opportunities that have already started to unfold. I highly recommend a conversation with Mali to see how she can help you with your journey. You won’t regret it!

Randall Taussig

Chief Navigation Officer, BlueCore Leadership

Attending Mali’s SCN SOAR retreat deeply impacted me in ways I did not anticipate signing up for it! Phenomenal experience! Despite my initial apprehension to participate, also going through a career transition, Mali promptly and personally addressed my initial concern of confidentiality.

During the retreat, you clearly demonstrated that you are following your passion. It was filled with an amazing volume of genuine care and love directed to helping open minded, intellectual people to uncover and tap into their life’s passion/mission. You selflessly poured all you had of experience and skills into each of us (SOAR participants) individually and equally, regardless of our personal challenges, skin color, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

You masterfully orchestrated a diverse group of participants with a sensitive and reassuring retreat environment. You went so far as to open your own home to us, to further induce our profound experiences of sharing and openness which felt seamless as we consistently realized peeling off the layers, despite being with perfect strangers (initially) in the confounds of just few precious hours. Yet, still, our small group felt as though we were just over for a cup of coffee or tea and snacks, then to be on our way. But so much more took place, and so many lives were profoundly and deeply touched.

I highly recommend Mali’s SOAR Retreat to anyone that is going through a career transition or just looking to fine tune their professional and/or personal life’s journey, like myself.

Nizar Hatoum

Program Manager

Attending the two day retreat with Mali has opened up new avenues for me, realizing my gifts, talents and purpose for life. Mali not only is a wonderful person but an excellent coach, facilitator and mentor. She is very intuitive, really understanding and caring; you can feel the warmth just by talking with her for the first time. She is very professional, organized and has high integrity. After attending the retreat I am ready to SOAR. I would highly recommend Mali for any individual or company looking for direction.

Indira Mona Edwards

Business Owner

Mali brings a level of good energy and heartfelt insight to her events unlike anything I have ever experienced. She creates a safe, secure, open space within which you can be yourself, dig deep inside yourself, and come to amazing revelations that improve, on your terms, your life, business, or whatever is on your mind. Her ability to sense things about people she has just met is uncanny, and she uses this to craft poignant strategies for those people that stand the test of time. She is an intuitive master at putting people in touch with their true selves, passions, and talents in ways that unlock their full potential.

Matt McKean

Entrepreneur, Success without Struggle